What order do the Martina Cole books go in?

What order do the Martina Cole books go in?


  • Dangerous Lady (1992)
  • The Ladykiller (1993)
  • Goodnight Lady (1994)
  • The Jump (1995)
  • The Runaway (1997)
  • Two Women (1999)
  • Broken (2000)
  • Faceless (2001)

Is there a new Martina Cole book out?

Headline has announced that Martina Cole’s forthcoming hardback Loyalty will be postponed until autumn 2021 owing to the author’s ill health. The book had been scheduled for this October. Cole’s agent Darley Anderson said: “Martina continues to recuperate well after a period of non Covid-19 related ill health.

Who wrote the Ladykiller?

Martina Cole
The Ladykiller/Authors

1 bestselling author and ‘undisputed Queen of crime writing’ (Erwin James) Martina Cole. Get inside the mind of a chilling killer and the only woman who can stop him with the first DI Kate Burrows novel. He hides in plain sight.

How many books has Martina Cole sold?

Cole, who through Nielsen BookScan’s TCM has sold 9.6 million books for £65.8m to date, has published a new book every year since 1999, racking up an Original Fiction number one hit every autumn since 2001 with the exception of just three years.

Who writes like Martina Cole?

Authors similar to Martina Cole

  • Mandasue Heller. 339 followers.
  • Dreda Say Mitchell. Author of 27 books including Spare Room.
  • Jessie Keane. Author of 26 books including Nameless.
  • Kimberley Chambers. 730 followers.
  • Heather Atkinson. 80 followers.
  • Owen Mullen. 145 followers.
  • Kerry Barnes. 115 followers.
  • Emma Tallon. 112 followers.

What is the last book written by Martina Cole?

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Goodnight Lady (1994) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
The Good Life (2014) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Get Even (2015) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Betrayal (2016) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
No Mercy (2019) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

What’s Martina Cole’s new book called?

The brand new novel from the queen of crime and iconic No. 1 bestseller Martina Cole. If you want to survive in this world there’s one thing you need to value above all else: loyalty.

What happened to the house in The Ladykillers?

Sadly, the whole street has since been redeveloped as a housing estate and no trace remains of the old houses seen in the movie. The tunnel entrance, where the bodies are dropped into goods trailers leaving King’s Cross Station, was indeed behind Frederica Street.

What’s Lady Killer?

informal. a man who is irresistible to women or has the reputation for being so. Derived forms. lady-killing. noun or adjective.

Where did Martina Cole go to school?

Born in 1958 into a large Irish Catholic family, Martina was brought up in Aveley, Essex. She attended a convent school until she was expelled at the age of 15 and by 17 Martina was pregnant. She like her characters, redeems her life but not immediately.

Is Martina Cole ill?

Best-selling crime writer Martina Cole, 54, has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 21. A disabling and painful disorder, it can be triggered by injury, which is what happened in Martina’s case.

What is the order of Kimberley Chambers books?


  • Billie Jo (2008)
  • Born Evil (2009)
  • The Betrayer (2009)
  • The Feud (2010)
  • The Traitor (2010)
  • The Victim (2011)
  • The Schemer (2012)
  • The Trap (2013)

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