Do federal employees get locality pay?

Do federal employees get locality pay?

Civilian Feds often earn more because of the locality pay adjustment factor. You can find the adjustment rate for your locality by visiting the locality area pay definitions published by OPM.

How is federal locality calculated?

Determining a Locality Rate To determine an employee’s locality rate, increase the employee’s “scheduled annual rate of pay” by the locality pay percentage authorized by the President for the locality pay area in which the employee’s official worksite is located. Locality pay areas are defined in 5 CFR 531.603.

What is locality pay OPM?

General Schedule Pay Rates Pay varies by geographic location. In the locality pay program, Federal pay is compared to non-Federal pay for the same levels of work.

Is federal locality pay based on where you live?

Certain location-based pay entitlements (such as locality payments, special rate supplements, and nonforeign area cost-of-living allowances) are based on the location of the employee’s official worksite associated with the employee’s position of record.

How much does a GS-15 make in DC?

Washington DC Locality Area – General Schedule Localities

GS Grade Step 1 Step 10
GS-12 $87,198 $113,362
GS-13 $103,690 $134,798
GS-14 $122,530 $159,286
GS-15 $144,128 $172,500*

How are locality pay rates determined?

Locality pay is determined by the cost of labor as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS conducts locality pay surveys in 47 geographic areas, with survey data representing non-federal salaries (including state and local) at distinct levels of work.

What does locality pay mean?

Locality Pay is designed to offset the difference between federal salaries and private sector salaries in a given geographical area. Locality pay was designed to narrow the pay gap between Federal and non-Federal salaries in a given geographical area based on survey results.

What is a locality payment?

The locality pay program provides for localized pay differentials (also known as comparability payments) for Federal employees paid under the General Schedule (GS) who work in the United States and its territories and possessions.

What is the federal pay scale?

The federal pay scale, known as the General Schedule (GS), consists of 15 levels, from GS-1 to GS-15. A federal worker at the GS-2 level makes a base salary of $21,121 to $26,585 per year, or just over $10.12-$12.74 per hour, close to the minimum wage in many states.

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