Are deep transmission pans worth it?

Are deep transmission pans worth it?

A deep transmission pan allows the transmission to hold an extra 2 to 3 quarts of transmission fluid. Although it might not seem like much at first, 2 to 3 quarts can actually help a lot in the long run and is highly recommended for larger vehicles or towing/hauling.

How does a transmission pan get damaged?

Off-road driving without sufficient ground clearance often results in damage to the vehicle’s undercarriage, including the transmission pan. Under normal driving conditions, a combination of age, heat, and vibration causes the transmission pan gasket to wear out and leak.

Does transmission pan get hot?

Over 200 degrees is normal for a trans to operate. And that feels really hot to touch. If you’re cooling your tranny with 180° engine coolant, expect it to feel hot.

How much does it cost to replace a transmission pan?

When the transmission oil pan is damaged, a lot can go into bringing back to life. In fact, replacing it is considered one of the toughest yet most expensive transmission repair jobs. The average cost of replacing a transmission pan ranges between $1800 to around $3500.

How strong is the Allison 1000?

Initially the Allison 1000 was a 5 speed transmission, rated to handle up to 620 lb·ft (841 N·m) of torque. This rating has increased as the transmission was updated several times, to stand at 765 lb-ft(1037 N·m) by 2011 in GM truck applications.

How long does it take to fix a transmission pan?

How long does it take to replace a transmission pan? To give you an approximation though, the required hours are probably in the range of 8 to 12 hours, based on the procedure set forth in the Factory Service Manual; the gasket is not easy to access and there is a lot of disassembly required.

How do you remove transmission fluid from pan?

The only way to drain the old ATF is to remove the entire pan. Before you do, place a large catch pan under the transmission pan. Then, begin loosening the bolts that attach the pan to the transmission. Be prepared: As soon as you loosen the pan bolts, fluid will leak out around the edges.

How do you cool down a transmission?

Allowing the car to idle in neutral, while sitting at red lights, in congested traffic or at rail road tracks, reduces the strain on the transmission, allowing the transmission to cool.

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