What is the nicest beach in Cartagena?

What is the nicest beach in Cartagena?

Top 5 best beaches in Cartagena

  1. Punta Arena in Tierra Bomba. Punta Arena beach is located on Tierra Bomba island, which is right in front of the beaches of Castillogrande.
  2. Playa Blanca in Baru.
  3. Castillogrande Beach.
  4. La Boquilla Beach.
  5. Manzanillo del Mar Beach.

Does Cartagena have good beaches?

Cartagena also has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Peninsula. With an average temperature of 81.6 degrees, nearly every day is perfect for heading to the beach. The tropical islands and beaches that surround the city attract visitors from around the world.

Is there a beach near Cartagena?

The most famous and popular beach paradise near Cartagena is Playa Blanca, about 40 minutes from the city by boat on Isla Barú. While it can be busy on weekends, with many visitors and vendors, its white sands and crystalline blue waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches to visit close to the city.

Are beaches open in Cartagena?

As far as which beaches are open in Cartagena, so far there are several beaches reopen in the city, as well as a number of beach clubs and hotels in the surrounding islands.

How many days do you need in Cartagena?

3 days is just about the perfect amount of time spent in Cartagena. It’s enough time to see all the main sites and enjoy a day at the beach, and it will leave you time to see some of those other destinations.

What ocean is Cartagena in?

Cartagena is located to the north of Colombia, at 10°25’N 75°32’W. It faces the Caribbean Sea to the west.

Are the beaches closed in Cartagena Colombia?

*Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cartagena’s beaches were closed. As of early October 2020, the beaches in the city are being reopened in phases with special biosecurity protocols, while some hotels and beach clubs are being allowed to open once receiving an inspection and a license.

Which is better to visit Cartagena or Medellín?

Cartagena wins here. A survey by Waze last year rated Medellín as one of the worst cities in Latin America in terms of traffic. While the traffic can get pretty bad in Medellín, the worst traffic is primarily found in the El Poblado and Envigado neighborhoods during rush hours in my experience.

Why is Cartagena famous?

Cartagena has a fascinating and often unbelievable history: once the largest slave port in the Americas, the city was regularly invaded and besieged by pirates and is home to some of the finest historical architecture in the country.

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