Which is the best quote for good night?

Which is the best quote for good night?

Funny Good Night Images And Quotes for Good Night: You had better believe it, and I faded due to exhaustion. ‘I’m going to bed.’ Don’t you get the impression that we’re soul mates? Recognize and express gratitude for the chance to relax and sleep in a bed. Rest is considered to be essential for human development.

What did Theodore higgingsworth say about good night?

Theodore Higgingsworth was an American author and poet who lived during the early twentieth century. As you lie down to sleep, direct your attention to the positive aspects of the day. Tomorrow is a new day with the opportunity to start again. May tomorrow be the day when you finally achieve success in life. Good night’s sleep!

Who is Leslie mounts and what does good night mean?

Leslie Mounts is a writer and actress who lives in Los Angeles. Good night, and I hope that you have a nice and peaceful sleep when I say it to you. Not the kind of night when you have to count sheep, but the kind of night where you wake up refreshed and good. It will be a grin on your face that will serve as the signal.

How to have a Good Night Sweet Dreams?

Good night sweet dreams. Take Care. Good Night Photo Good night, friend! I hope you dream of colorful and fantastic things. Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose. 1st and last, I think of tonight. do small things in a great way. Sleep well tonight! God is bigger than anything you will face tomorrow.

Why do we send Good Night wishes at night?

Nights are proof that endings can be beautiful too. So let us all together make tonight a little special, wishing our loved ones a good night. The purpose of sending good night wishes is to remind them that we have not forgotten them despite the hustle and bustle of the day, and we love them dearly.

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