How do you pronounce T Hy LA?

How do you pronounce T Hy LA?

As far as I know most of the English tend to pronounce it Tee-high-la. But there is a wonderful song by Julia Ecklar and she pronounces it Tee-hee- la. This is corresponding more with the classical Latin pronunciation of the letters, as we have it with rather all the Vulcan words as heard in Star Trek.

What does thyla mean in Vulcan?

The Vulcan Language Institute draws a distinction between t’hyl’a, which is there defined as “friend (close/intimate)” and thrah, defined as “friend (general).” [2] General consensus on pronunciation is “tuh-HIGH-la,” supposedly confirmed by Roddenberry himself shortly after the film’s release. [

What is Spock’s first name?

S’chn T’gai Spock
Spock (full name S’chn T’gai Spock) was a famed half-Vulcan/half-Human Starfleet officer who served the Federation in the 23rd and 24th centuries. Spock’s full name was revealed in TOS novel: Ishmael. In TOS episode: “This Side of Paradise”, Spock said that his full name was unpronounceable to Humans.

Do Vulcans kiss with their hands?

Vulcan finger-touching was a ritualistic form of affection among Vulcans involving the index and middle fingers. It was used throughout their culture, including in public, at wedding ceremonies, and during the pon farr. Contact ranged from a simple two-fingertip touch to tracing around another’s hand.

Is Vulcan a real language?

The Vulcan language is a fictional language in the Star Trek universe. From the time of the beginning, Star Trek fans have been inspired to create their own Vulcan language, especially since few Vulcan words or names were ever spoken in the original series.

What language does Spock speak?

Klingon language

Setting and usage Star Trek films and television series (TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery), the opera ʼuʼ, the Klingon Christmas Carol play and The Big Bang Theory.
Users (Around a dozen fluent speakers cited 1996)
Purpose Constructed languages Artistic languages Fictional languages Klingon

How do Vulcans mate?

Description. Every seven years, Vulcan males and females become aroused. If they do not mate with someone with whom they are empathically bonded they eventually enter Plak Tow, the blood fever, become violent, and finally die unless they mate with someone or engage in a ritual battle known as kal-if-fee.

How many years do Vulcans live?

Vulcans are typically depicted as stronger, faster, and longer-lived than humans. There are instances of them living over 220 years. Having evolved on a desert world, Vulcans can survive without water for longer periods than humans. Vulcans can also go without sleep for as long as two weeks.

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