What is a good sentence for poised?

What is a good sentence for poised?

Poised sentence example. Jonathan was poised to enter his teens in style and a deformed left arm wasn’t going to hold him back. It poised for a moment and then took a dive off the cliff. Poised in the middle of turning a page, she froze.

What is poised example?

The definition of poised is a calm and assured person. An example of poised is someone sitting quietly in the lotus position. adjective. 4. Held balanced or steady in readiness.

How do you use poised?

in full control of your faculties.

  1. She stood poised for a moment.
  2. He stopped writing and looked at me, pen poised.
  3. He studied the keyboard carefully, one finger poised.
  4. The cat crouched in the grass, poised to jump.
  5. The economy is poised for take – off.

How do you describe someone using poise?

When someone is poised it means that they carry themselves well and in an elegant way. When someone handles a situation with poise it means they are steady and stay calm under pressure. When the peace agreements almost fell apart the ambassador was poised. The model is poised as she walks down the runway.

Is poise a compliment?

When an old friend said that she always considered me to be a woman of poise, I thought it was one of the greatest compliments I had ever received. Defined as a “graceful and elegant bearing in a person,” poise reflects the way a woman carries herself in a gentle, yet strong and confident way.

What is having poise?

a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession: to show poise in company. steadiness; stability: intellectual poise.

Can a person be poise?

poised Add to list Share. If you’re poised you’re self-possessed and in full control of your faculties. You’re balanced, grounded, and ready for action. A poised person exhibits composure and self-assuredness, which comes in handy, for instance, during a job interview, giving a public talk or debate, or playing sports.

What is poise and grace?

1 composure or dignity of manner. 2 physical balance or assurance in movement or bearing.

What does it mean when someone says you have poise?

Can humans poise?

And you can have it too. By definition, poise is a self-confident manner or bearing that offers steadiness and stability. It is most often indicated in a particular way one carries himself or herself, and it can make the difference on whether you are respected as a business leader — or not.

How do you use poise in a sentence?

use “poise” in a sentence. The system can adjust the stiffness at each individual damper constantly; to maintain both a comfortable ride on straight roads, and high level of poise and grip when cornering hard, accelerating, or braking.

How is the word ‘poise’ used in a sentence?

His poise was admirable.

  • Her poise and adaptability were startling.
  • The lean and poise of gravitable land.
  • The poise and brain gave way.
  • Collie noted this unusual alertness of poise and wondered.
  • Renwick quickly recovered his poise and went on a few steps.
  • Once more his bearing was the very essence of perfect poise and self-control.
  • What is the adjective for Poise?

    This reference page can help answer the question what are some adjectives commonly used for describing POISE. calm, certain, delicate. equal, exquisite, fine. graceful, great, mental. moral, more, much. natural, normal, perfect. social, such. Hope this word list had the adjective used with poise you were looking for.

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