How old was Leo DiCaprio in Growing Pains?

How old was Leo DiCaprio in Growing Pains?

PHOTOS: ‘J. Edgar star was 16 when he landed a recurring role on Pains in 1991.

What episode is Leo DiCaprio in on Growing Pains?

Leonardo DiCaprio was excused from the last three episodes of Growing Pains to star in the movie This Boy’s Life. He would appear briefly in the episode Maggie’s Brilliant Career one last time in the series.

How many seasons was Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains?

Growing Pains/Number of seasons

Who is Kirk Cameron’s wife?

Chelsea Noblem. 1991
Kirk Cameron/Wife

How many times was Brad Pitt on Growing Pains?

Growing Pains He served as an inspiration to Ben Seaver in the TV show. The plotline of the episode is based on how Brad’s character played an unpleasant character which made Ben Seaver lose faith in his idea of celebrity worship. He appeared in the show for 2 episodes.

Where is the Growing Pains house?

If you’re a fan of the show or feeling nostalgic, it would be cool to visit the Seaver house, right? Well you can — it’s on the backlot of Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA.

When did Luke leave Growing Pains?

The biggest star to come out of ’80s/’90s family sitcom Growing Pains wasn’t Kirk Cameron or Alan Thicke: No, no — true fans will remember that film superstar Leonardo DiCaprio had humble beginnings on the show, appearing as Luke Brower, a homeless teen that the Seaver clan took in during Growing Pains’ final season …

Who did Kirk Cameron get fired from growing pains?

Julie McCullough, who played Kirk Cameron’s love interest Julie Costello during the fourth season, was abruptly fired from the show at the start of filming for the episode “Mike and Julie’s Wedding” (in which her character would have married Mike Seaver).

Can you still get growing pains at 20?

Can adults get growing pains? Although growing pains typically affect children, adults may experience similar pains in their bodies, Growing pains are a type of musculoskeletal pain that usually affects children.

Does DiCaprio wear deodorant?

9. Leonardo DiCaprio. A source revealed that Leo showers only a couple of times a week for environmental reasons and doesn’t use deodorant because it’s “unnatural.”

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