What is WebLogic deployment plan?

What is WebLogic deployment plan?

A deployment plan is an XML document that you use to define an application’s deployment configuration for a specific WebLogic Server environment, such as development, test, or production.

How do I deploy a WebLogic application?

Steps to Deploy Application using Administration Console

  1. Navigate to Domain Environment –> Deployments.
  2. click the ‘Install’ button.
  3. Browse to the location on your file system and select Application (war, jar, ear) File .
  4. ‘Install this deployment as an application’ is selected.
  5. Select deployment targets.

How do I delete a deployment plan in WebLogic?

To do so, click the Clean Up button represented by a green check mark icon located in the top right corner of the editor. Make your selection from the list of the potential clean up candidates, and then click Finish to remove these elements from your deployment plan.

What is on demand deployment in WebLogic?

WebLogic has a number of internal applications that are started during the server start. These applications delay the server startup time and memory footprint, but are already up and running when needed.

What is a deployment unit?

A deployment unit is a piece of software that can be operated on a separate physical system, isolated from other pieces of software. The SAP cloud solution is organized in deployment units that group semantically related business objects, for example, Customer Relationship Management.

Can we deploy JAR file in WebLogic?

To deploy the JAR file on WebLogic Server, you must extract the contents of the JAR file into a directory, add the required WebLogic-specific deployment descriptors and any generated container classes, and then create a new JAR file containing the old and new files.

How are deployment descriptors generated in WebLogic Server?

WebLogic Server deployment descriptors are generated as needed to store WebLogic Server configuration data. The WebLogic Server deployment plan generated by a Java EE deployment API deployment tool identifies the WebLogic Server deployment descriptors that were generated for the application during the configuration session.

How do I update my WebLogic deployment plan?

To update the deployed web application with this new deployment plan, perform the following steps: 1. Go back to the administration console. In the Change Center, click the Lock & Edit button. 2. Under Domain Structure, click Deployments. 3. Select the checkbox for the HRApp application, and click the Update button: 4.

Where does a deployment plan reside in Java?

A deployment plan resides outside of an application’s archive file and contains deployment properties that override an application’s existing JavaEE and WebLogic Server deployment descriptors.

Can you deploy Java EE applications to WebLogic Server?

You can use a basic Java EE deployment API deployment tool with the WebLogic Server plug-ins (without using WebLogic Server extensions to the API) to configure, deploy, and redeploy Java EE applications and modules to WebLogic Server.

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