Which country has the best Railways?

Which country has the best Railways?

  • India. With the largest rail network in the world, India came up over and over again as a country that is a must-see by train.
  • Japan. The island nation had Quora contributors singing its praises for having the world’s most reliable train system.
  • Switzerland.
  • Africa.
  • States.

Does Pakistan have high speed rail?

The maximum speed on most lines is 120 kilometres per hour (75 mph), but upgraded sections of the Karachi-Peshawar Line allow speeds up to 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph). Work is in progress to upgrade all main lines to 160 kilometres per hour (99 mph).

What is the difference between Irctc and Indian Railways?

The fullform of IRCTC is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited. In 1999, it was incorporated under the Ministry of Railways to upgrade and professionalise catering services for Indian Railways and to promote tourism via Railways across the country.

What are the problems of Pakistan Railways?

The political interference, nepotism, corruption, poor maintenance of tracks & bridges and mismanagement in almost every field are the major causes of failure of Pakistan Railways. Pakistan Railways purchased 69 completely built locomotive units from China under 2003 agreement.

Is Pakistan have bullet train?

It was started in the 1970s between Karachi and Lahore as the fastest train. Later it route was changed to Karachi and Sargodha via Faisalabad, and extended to Malakwal. Today in 2020, the fastest train from Lahore to Karachi is Jinnah Express.

Does Pakistan have electric train?

Pakistan Railways has 29 electric locomotives of class BCU30E numbered 7001-29. These are British-built locomotives of 3,000 horsepower for 25 kV AC. They are stored out of use because the overhead lines are unserviceable, owing to theft of copper.

Is Irctc owned by Indian Railways?

The IRCTC was established on 27 September 1999, as a public sector undertaking completely owned by the Government of India through the Indian Railways.

Is Pakistan Railway profitable?

During FY18, FY19 and FY20, Pakistan Railways’ Karachi division freight revenue escalated to Rs17. 02, 17.2 and 17.75bn, respectively. Multiple freight performance indicators shone through during March 2021. 114bn was generated in March 2021 while surpassing the previous best of Rs2.

Does Pakistan have bullet train?

This 1,872km-long rail line is a part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and will link Kashgar, China, with Pakistan’s Gwadar Port. The modernisation of the rail line is expected to boost the speed of the passenger trains to 160km/h from 110km/h.

Which is bigger Indian Railways or Pakistan Railways?

As of March 2017, Indian Railways ( (IR) network spans 121,407 km (75,439 mi) of track length, while the route length is 67,368 km (41,861 mi). Pakistan Railways owns 11,881 kilometres (7,383 mi) of track. Honestly this comparison is not fair at all as Indian Railways is many times bigger than the Pakistan Railways.

Why was there no rail network in Pakistan?

Being branch lines and built for strategic purposes, all the rail network with the sole exception of Lahore to Karachi route inherited by Pakistan was commercially non-profitable from the start. Severance of these branch-line connections from their main arteries in the wake of the partition of the Subcontinent, made them totally non-profitable.

What is the operating ratio of Indian Railways?

After the amalgamation of separate budget of the Indian Railways with the Union Budget in 2016 (Pakistan did it in 1992), Indian Railways have not published its operating ratio- the amount it spends to earn each dollar/pound/rupee. However, it used to be around 95. In other words, it earns 100 rupees for every 95 rupees spent.

How many passengers does the Indian Railways carry a day?

Employing more than 1.3 million persons and operating in twenty-nine states and seven union territories, it carries around 9 billion passengers annually or more than 23 million passengers a day and more than 1000 million tons of freight per year.

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