How old is achimota?

How old is achimota?

Achimota, originally known as the Prince of Wales College and School, was formally opened on 28 January 1927 by the then Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg.

Who built Achimota School in Ghana?

Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg
Achimota School (formerly Prince of Wales College and School, Achimota, now nicknamed Motown), is a co-educational boarding school located at Achimota in Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana. The school was founded in 1924 by Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg, Dr. James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey and the Rev.

Which category is Achimota SHS?

Category A Schools in Accra

Accra Girls Senior High Girls D/B
Achimota Senior High Mixed D/B
Presby Boys Senior High Boys D/B
St. Mary’s Senior High Girls D/B

Who is the founder of Achimota College?

Gordon Guggisberg
James Emman Kwegyir AggreyAlec Garden Fraser
Achimota School/Founders

Which is the best place to visit in Achimota?

Achimota is known for the eponymous Achimota School, as well as the St. John’s Grammar School. Achimota is located on the Accra highway just after Tesano and has well laid buildings, bars and a good nightlife. Achimota Hospital, located near the Achimota Golf Course, is the primary healthcare institution in Achimota.

What does Achimota mean in the Ga language?

Achimota ( / ɑːtʃimoʊtɑː / ah-ch-ee-m-oh-t-ah ), is a town in the Accra Metropolitan District, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Achimota means “speak no name” in the Ga language. In pre-colonial Ghana, its forbidden forest was a “silent” refuge for runaway slaves.

Where is the town of Achimota in Ghana?

Achimota. Achimota is a town in the Accra Metropolitan district, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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