Is the 26th of October a bank holiday in the UK?

Is the 26th of October a bank holiday in the UK?

Our holiday dates can be found here for 2020….Upcoming Bank & Public Holidays.

DATE Monday 26th October 2020
EVENT October Bank Holiday
AREA N.Ireland & Eire
First Delivery Tuesday 27th October 2020

Do Northern Ireland have the same bank holidays as England?

UK Bank Holidays – Northern Ireland There are ten bank/public holidays in Northern Ireland each year. Bank holidays in the UK are different for Northern Ireland, England and Wales, and Scotland. England and Wales have eight public holidays and Scotland has nine.

Does Northern Ireland have the same bank holidays?

There are eight bank holidays in England and Wales, nine in Scotland and ten in Northern Ireland. Many of these will be on the same days, but there are some key differences between the regions, as set out below.

Is Friday 22 October a bank holiday?

Additional Bank Holiday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Friday 22nd October 2021.

Why is there a bank holiday in Ireland in October?

The October bank holiday is Ireland’s only Autumn holiday and falls on the last Monday of the month. The October bank holiday was first marked in 1977 after the Irish government determined that the holiday would be welcomed to break up the long stretch of time between Summer and Christmas.

Is Monday a bank holiday in NI?

****In 2022, there is an extra bank holiday to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee , this extra day is given as Friday 3 June and the Spring Bank Holiday has been moved to Thursday 2 June 2022 to accommodate this….Bank and public holidays in Northern Ireland.

Bank or Public Holiday 2021 2022
Bank or Public Holiday Easter Monday 2021 Mon 5 Apr 2022 Mon 18 April

Is 22nd October a bank holiday 2021?

For community and voluntary controlled schools, Friday 22 October 2021 is a holiday in lieu of the additional Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday on Friday 03 June 2022 which falls in the summer-half-term break.

Are there any bank holidays in Northern Ireland?

1 Bank or Public Holiday 2 New Year’s Day 3 St Patrick’s Day 4 Good Friday 5 Easter Monday 6 May Day Bank Holiday 7 Spring Bank Holiday 8 Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday 9 Battle of the Boyne / Orangemen’s Day 10 Summer Bank Holiday

When is the bank holiday in Scotland 2019?

Upcoming bank holidays in Scotland 2019. 2 December. Monday. St Andrew’s Day (substitute day) 25 December. Wednesday. Christmas Day. 26 December.

When is New Years Day in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland Bank Holidays 2020 New Year’s Day – Wednesday 1st January St Patrick’s Day – Tuesday 17th March Easter Monday – Monday 13th April

When is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland?

Republic of Ireland public holidays (bank holidays) 4 May, 7 June, 2 August and 25 October There are several public holidays between June and October including Halloween. Banks will close everywhere for these days, shops and pubs in urban areas tend to stay open but things are quieter in smaller towns and villages.

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