What made Zarkon evil?

What made Zarkon evil?

He was once a Paladin of Voltron the pilot of the Black Lion until he attempted to use Quintessence to save his gravely ill wife Honerva which resulted in them both being corrupted by it, turning Zarkon into the heartless warlord he was known as.

Does Zarkon die?

With the absence of all five Lions, Zarkon assumed that Voltron was destroyed but rediscovers the lions and wants it for himself. Zarkon eventually gets killed by his son, prince Lotor. The character was made a more sophisticated character than his 1984 counterpart.

In what episode does Zarkon die?

Defender of the Universe
Episode Chronology “Zarkon is Dying” is the eighteenth episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

What color is Allura’s hair Voltron?

white hair
Appearance. Allura is a female Altean. She has an active, leggy physique and waist-length, voluptuous white hair.

Is Prince Lotor a good guy?

While Lotor was a calculating and cunning bad guy, Voltron: Legendary Defender did a great job making him nuanced too. His worldview was shaped by a horrible upbringing and he can easily switch from honorable to evil. This is part of what makes him such an interesting villain in that his motives constantly shift.

Does Voltron defeat Zarkon?

By the end of Season 2 (that’s your cue to skidoo if you’re not caught up), the Paladins (a.k.a. Voltron Lion pilots) had managed to defeat Emperor Zarkon and his Galra fleet but lost their own leader and Black Lion pilot, Shiro, in the process.

Did Lotor die in Voltron?

Lotor met his demise at the hands of Voltron after he piloted his Sincline Mech into the Quintessence Field. Seeking ultimate power, he was consumed by it and engaged Voltron in a final battle where Voltron won when Allura had blasted him with raw quintessence.

What episode of Voltron does Lance die?

Recently in the new season, season 6, (DONT READ ON IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED YET) he literally dies. In the very first episode they’re in their lions and Lance knocks Allura out of the way of a canon blast.

Does Zarkon die in Season 2?

Both Dos Santos and Montgomery confirm Zarkon is dead, and won’t come back in some twist. “He’s never coming back. Zarkon’s done-zo,” says Dos Santos. Montgomery adds: “You never really know and that happens a lot in comic book movies, but we’re gonna take a hard stance this time.”

Is Allura dead Voltron?

While Allura might be gone from the physical world, her spirit lives on. Not in some vague “oh you’ll always be with us.” No, her spirit is actually alive and well in the universe in ways we can’t even begin to comprehend. Just look at the scene when the Lions are called back into space.

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