Is Priorat a good wine?

Is Priorat a good wine?

Most of the wine made in Priorat is excellent in quality; however, only a handful of producers make wines that are truly age-worthy and collectible. The producers that receive the highest scores from critics include: Alvaro Palacios. Clos Mogador.

What is a Priorat wine?

Priorat is a small wine region in Catalonia known for its intensely-flavored red wines. An area with a long history, Priorat’s difficult mountainside location kept the region fairly obscure until just a few decades ago; now, it produces some of the most acclaimed wines in Spain.

What grape is Priorat wine?

The Wines of Priorat The dominant vineyard plantings in Priorat are Garnacha (aka Grenache) and Cariñena (Carignan). These two grape varieties provide the backbone of nearly all Priorat reds, although no minimum or maximum of any variety is required by law.

How far is Priorat from Barcelona?

117 km
The distance between Barcelona and Priorat is 117 km. The road distance is 137.2 km.

How many wineries are in Priorat?

Priorat (DOQ)

Wine region
Priorat DOQ in the province of Tarragona in the region of Catalonia
No. of vineyards 567
Grapes produced 4.8 tn
No. of wineries 109

Who is the public face of Priorat wine?

The fifth Clos was Clos Dofi, renamed Finca Dofi in 1994, and the creation of Alvaro Palacios, the public face of Priorat and maker of Spain’s most famous wine, L’Ermita. L’Ermita,is imported into the UK by Corney & Barrow who say of it ominously in their new price list ‘Price on Application’.

How did the Priorat in Tarragona get its name?

Priorat, as it is known in the local Catalan (Priorato in Castilian), is named after the priory established here in the hills above Tarragona by Carthusians who arrived from Provence in the 12th century, possibly bringing Garnacha (Grenache) vines with them.

Where did the Palacios of Priorat come from?

Palacios was brought up in a family wine business in Rioja Baja, Palacios Remondo, but fell for the extraordinary natural environment of Priorat. It looks impressively distinctive to the most casual visitor (of which there are, still, relatively few – the infrastructure is still embryonic).

Where is the Priorat wine region in Spain?

Priorat is a small, dynamic wine region in Catalonia, north-eastern Spain, whose intense, full-bodied red wines have shot to fame in the past few decades.

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