How long is a BT broadband contract?

How long is a BT broadband contract?

24 months
BT’s contracts usually last 24 months. If you must leave while still in contract, you will be charged. The termination fee is a set charge for every month remaining in your contract.

Does BT have 12 month contract?

The shorter plans are available to new customers and are designed to be affordable for renters, or those who may not want to commit to a 24-month plan. The 12-month contract option is available across Broadband, Superfast Fibre and BT’s latest Full Fibre packages.

Is there a penalty for leaving BT Broadband?

BT broadband early cancellation fees BT charges a fee for each month remaining on your contract at the time of cancellation, minus VAT and minus an additional 1%.

What happens at the end of my BT broadband contract?

When your broadband contract ends you’re fully entitled to up and leave for a new provider at any time. Use our postcode checker to find the best broadband deals in your area to get started.

How much does it cost to end a BT contract early?

BT’s early termination charge is the total of the remaining monthly charges on your BT plan, less VAT and then a 1% discount. This works out as being 82.5% of your remaining monthly charges.

Can you get 12 month internet contracts?

Plusnet 12-month broadband deals One of the UK’s best customer-rated providers, with 12-month contracts available on standard and fibre packages. Packages also include line rental and pay as you go calls as standard.

Does BT only do 24 month contracts?

Most of our contracts are 24 months, but we do have some that are 18. Our BT Mobile contracts are mainly 12 months for SIM Only and 24 months for handset plans.

How much does it cost to end BT contract?

Do BT automatically renew contracts?

If you recontract or upgrade either your phone landline service or your BT TV service (and you already have BT Broadband), then your broadband service will automatically recontract. This is so that you can enjoy these services for the full duration of the new contract without any problems or technical issues.

How can I cancel my BT contract without paying?

You can cancel your BT service by calling them on 0800 783 1401. In some cases, it might be possible to cancel your BT service without paying an early cancellation fee.

When can I leave BT without penalty?

To stop your BT products (such as phone, broadband, TV, Calling Features), you’ll need to give us a minimum 30 days’ notice. If you want to stop the service before the 30-day period ends, you’ll be charged for the remaining days.

How long is my contract with BT Mobile?

Most of our contracts are 24 months, but we do have some that are 18. Our BT Mobile contracts are mainly 12 months for SIM Only and 24 months for handset plans. Do I have to be given any information before I enter into a contract?

When does the cost of BT Broadband go up?

Δ If you sign up to a new contract or renew your contract for a Landline (including call charges, features, add-ons and plans), BT Mobile (including plans, monthly add-ons, call, text and data charges), BT Broadband, BT TV or BT Sport (including TV and Sport add-ons) the monthly price will increase each year from March 2022.

Do you have to recontract with BT after 9 months?

See for details. All prices shown are in contract prices. Prices after 9 or 12 months increase by up to £8, if you don’t recontract. If you have a home phone number, you’ll lose it by placing an order for broadband without a landline service. This service does not include a home phone.

Do you have to pay for a BT phone line?

If you are taking a BT Broadband package, then we will charge you £30 for installing a new line. These charges apply whether or not you add BT TV to your package. If you are ordering a BT Phone package, you may have to pay a connection charge but we’ll let you know when you order.

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