Does iRig mix work with Android?

Does iRig mix work with Android?

iRig MIX is fully compatible with Android devices, so you can use two devices to mix and DJ like a pro. If your favorite dual deck DJ app supports dual mono output, (the app outputs Deck 1 on the Left channel, and Deck 2 on the Right channel) you can use iRig MIX to mix and crossfade using a single device.

How do I use iRig 2 on Android?

Setup and connections

  1. Go to the app store and download the Amplitube CS app.
  2. Connect the ⅛-inch cable from the iRig 2 to your mobile device’s headphone jack.
  3. Connect your headphones to the headphone jack on the iRig.
  4. Connect your guitar (or other mono instrument) to the guitar input using a ¼-inch TS cable.

Who owns IK Multimedia?

IK founders Enrico Iori and Davide Barbi on NAMM’s Oral History Program.

Where are IK Multimedia products made?

Modena, Italy
IK Multimedia is a multi-national company based in Modena, Italy.

Does iRig 2 work with Huawei?

The iRig 2 uses the CTIA/AHJ wiring standard and will work with any device using this standard.

How do I connect my iRig 2 to my Android?

Are there any free apps for Irig mix?

iRig MIX includes 4 free apps (downloads from the iTunes app store): DJ Rig, the new professional DJ mixing app from IK, AmpliTube, the most popular iOS guitar amp and effects app, VocaLive the processing app for vocalists, and GrooveMaker, the loop based beat and groove making app. Works With Your Android Devices

What are the features of IK Multimedia-iRig UA?

It features a built-in 32-bit digital signal processor, a 24-bit A/D converter, a crystal clear low-noise preamp and an ultra-compact enclosure. With its premium specifications, it’s able to provide great sound, extreme portability and unprecedented cross-platform compatibility.

Is the Android a trademark of IK Multimedia?

Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. All other product names and images, trademarks and artists names are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with IK Multimedia.

Can you use Irig UA with Amplitube UA?

The pairing of iRig UA and AmpliTube UA is perfect for when you need to practice while on the go. iRig UA features a 1/4” input for a guitar, bass or other line-level instrument, a micro-USB to OTG cable and an 1/8” headphone output with volume control.

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