What is the best fertilizer ratio for grass?

What is the best fertilizer ratio for grass?

The ideal lawn fertilizer ratio for most lawns is 3:1:3 or 4:1:2, but every lawn is unique and evaluating your soil with an accurate soil test kit is the best way to understand exactly what your lawn needs and unlock the full potential of your yard (more on that later).

How often can you put 16 16 16 on your lawn?

Except as otherwise directed, use this fertilizer at planting time and each month throughout the growing season. Apply only as directed on the product package. Sizes: 20lb bag.

What is the best NPK for tomatoes?

NPK stands for the ratio of Nitrogen to Phosphorus to Potassium. Typically, tomatoes need 1/2 pounds of fertilizer per 50 square feet of garden. For almost all tomatoes you will want a fertilizer with a 6-24-24 or 8-32-16 ratio.

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When to use Arctic Gro 40 lb lawn fertilizer?

The Arctic Gro 40 lb. dry lawn fertilizer is formulated to help give that new lawn a fighting chance and is also designed to promote healthy gardens. The fertilizer is for use during the spring and summer months and comes in a granulated form for spreading. The fertilizer features a quick time-release formula and feeds for up to 16 weeks.

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