Who makes Antigua hot tubs?

Who makes Antigua hot tubs?

Quiet, clean and serene When you’re looking for a hot tub, you should always consider how the system will ‘turnover’ and keep the water clean. The Antigua 52 is fitted with a 24-hour circulation pump, manufactured from reliable and world-renowned manufacturer, Balboa.

How much does a Bullfrog R7 cost?

Re: 2018 Bullfrog R7 Pricing Were at 9695.00 with no circ or ozone.

Is Bullfrog spa worth the money?

Yes, Bullfrog Spas are good. The wide range of value and luxury models offers a hot tub or spa for most budgets. Those looking for more affordable options may find that Bullfrog Spas’ prices are a little higher than what other companies offer.

Is Balboa a good hot tub brand?

With long lines of high-quality hot tub equipment, top-of-the-line accessories, and high-quality control systems, Balboa Water Group is one of the most prominent hot tub manufacturers in the industry.

What’s the price of an artesian island spa?

There are four tiers within the Artesian Spas brand, including Artesian Spas Elite, Artesian Island Spas Elite, Artesian Spas South Seas, and Artesian Garden Spas. These run from highest to lowest in terms of price. You can expect to find top-end Artesian Spas hot tubs for about $14,000 while you’ll find low-end hot tubs for about $4,000.

Who are the owners of artisans day spa?

Wellness. Beauty. Come for an hour or spend the day… either way you will receive the highest level of service our industry has to offer. Co-owners Nancy and Jeanette have created an atmosphere of excellence and fun in the place our team calls “Home” for the better part of the day.

What are the names of the artesian spas?

The Artesian Spas Elite spas range from 4-9 seats in terms of capacity and there are five models to choose from, including Artesian Spas Eagle-Crest, Artesian Spas Quail-Ride, Artesian Spas Dove-Canyon, Artesian Spas Piper-Glen, and Artesian Spas Pelican-Bay.

Who is the parent company of artesian spas?

Artesian Spas is a subsidiary of May Manufacturing, which is a widely renowned spa manufacturing company. The question is, Is Artesian Spas the best brand for your needs?

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