How much DCA4 to add?

How much DCA4 to add?

Use the precharge chart to determine how much DCA4® must be added to make a heavy duty coolant mixture, or add 1 litre of DCA4® (10 units) for every 25 litres of coolant.

What is DCA fluid?

DCA stands for “Dry Chemical Additive” and can be added as a liquid or in a pre-charged filter. Coolant can be tested for DCA concentration with a test strip that you dip into the coolant.

What is DCA diesel?

DCA = Diesel Coolant Additive. The terms are used interchangeably.

When should DCA filters be changed?

Service Interval: Conventional coolant filters are typically changed at the same time as oil filters. Extended Service and Controlled Release models are designed to be changed about once per year (150,000 miles or 4,000 hours).

What does diesel coolant additive do?

Our special formula for diesel engines acts as a complete supplemental coolant additive (SCA), providing 100% protection from cavitation, corrosion and electrolysis. Diesel Super Coolant utilizes reserve alkalinity to maintain safe pH levels to safeguard wet sleeve cylinder liners from erosion.

What does an antifreeze tester do?

An antifreeze tester is a small, portable device that helps in the checking of antifreeze and coolant. It’s normally used by automotive owners to determine the freeze point of their vehicle’s antifreeze. In winter months, it may warn a motorist of an impending freeze; in summer, it may warn of boiling points.

What is sodium dichloroacetate used for?

DCA has been used to treat inherited mitochondrial disorders that result in lactic acidosis, as well as pulmonary hypertension and several different solid tumors, the latter through its ability to reverse the Warburg effect in cancer cells and restore aerobic glycolysis.

Can I use regular coolant in a diesel?

You should NEVER use light duty coolant in a heavy duty engine, this will cause damage! Pitting/Cavitation Corrosion – Many heavy duty diesel engines use replaceable liners that fit down around each cylinder to aid in serviceability.

Should you use a coolant additive?

Reduced engine temperatures It can cause metal parts to expand too much and contact each other, causing wear. A good coolant additive can help by reducing the surface tension of water and allowing it to more efficiently absorb and transfer heat from the engine.

What kind of coolant does Fleetguard DCA4 use?

Fleetguard DCA4 Liquid Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA), 1/2 Gallon Bottles. Type: DCA4 Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) provides superior engine protection in heavy duty diesel applications where glycol based coolants are used, as well as marine and railroad diesel applications where water is used as the coolant.

Do you need DCA4 for a diesel engine?

It is vital for the health and longevity of any diesel engine. Diesels, particularly the Ford Powerstroke, are prone to a problem called Cavitation (or liner pitting). DCA4 is recommended for Ford Powerstroke, International Truck, and Cummins engines.

How often should I add DCA4 to my filtration system?

SERVICE GUIDELINES Check DCA4 concentration levels at every 500 operating hours using the Fleetguard CC2602M/CC2602AM 3-Way Test Kit. It is normal to expect to add 2% DCA4 Liquid at each 500 hour service interval. The service dosage vol- ume is designed to replace the depleted SCA level caused by engine operation.

When to use DCA 4 water or untreated coolant?

The service dosage vol- ume is designed to replace the depleted SCA level caused by engine operation. When refilling low coolant levels, use water mixed with at least 6% DCA4 Liquid. Never add untreated coolant to the engine. We suggest using a water filter to remove solids from the cooling system.

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