How much is a 50 year old cedar chest worth?

How much is a 50 year old cedar chest worth?

Online auction sites, antique shops and secondhand stores often sell Lane cedar chests — based on their age, condition or rarity — starting at $99 and as high as $700 or more for older chests. But most chests, on average, are valued between $200 and $400.

How do you refurbish an old cedar chest?

Lightly sanding the surface of the cedar chest’s interior with 200-grit sandpaper opens the pores and rejuvenates the wood’s natural oils. If the interior scent doesn’t return with sanding, rub some cedar oil into the wood with a soft cloth. This replenishes the natural oils and refreshes the scent.

How much is a 1953 Lane cedar chest worth?

How do I identify a cedar chest?

Examine the cedar chest for a maker’s mark or company name. In antique chests or newer high-quality chests, this mark is usually burned or stamped onto the wood; a few may have a paper tag. In the case of newer low-quality chests, there may be a sticker.

How long does a cedar chest last?

You can purchase cedar hangers, cedar blocks for moths, and sachets for your clothes and bureaus, but they will be effective for about 3 months.

Does Lane make cedar chests anymore?

The last Lane cedar chest to be manufactured in the United States rolled off the production line in the summer of 2001, and the plant closed for good.

Where can I find a forest park Cedar Chest?

The library has extensive information on the company that made your chest. See the library’s Web site at darChests.htm and then look for “Roos Cedar Chests” at the bottom of the page. You will find six pages of detailed information compiled by the Historical Society of Forest Park.

When did the Ed Roos cedar chests come out?

Edwards Roos cedar chests, commonly known Ed Roos cedar chests, are a vintage line of cedar chests manufactured by the Ed Roos Company of Forest Park, which operated from 1918 to 1951. The Ed Roos cedar chests were originally bridal hope chests and were marketed around the world.

Who are the manufacturers of antique cedar chests?

The Lane Furniture Company and the Ed Roos Company of Forest Park. Both of whom produced their designs in bulk, and both still having some rare designs that carry value among collectors today.

How old is the 1950 Lane cedar chest?

Vintage 1950 Lane Cedar Chest Serial #050150 Vintage 1950 Lane Cedar Chest Serial #050150 which dates it 05-10-1950 per Lane guidelines, style #2250 M (medium finish). The cedar chest still has the

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