Is it safe to buy from watchfinder?

Is it safe to buy from watchfinder?

Watchfinder uses 3D Secure to process payments safely and securely. We do not store your payment details. What is the returns policy? For complete confidence when purchasing online or on the phone, we give you 14 days to return a watch you aren’t happy with for a full refund.

Can you negotiate with watchfinder?

You can haggle with Watchfinder – bought 3 watches from them before and never paid the full asking price. If you want to try a particular watch on, then speak to them a few days beforehand and they can usually get it to your preferred location.

Do watchfinder Polish watches?

Watchfinder’s 20 technicians are no less subject to exacting manufacturer standards, and must be fully trained in the correct techniques. Polishing isn’t as simple as buffing a watch to a high shine—there are a variety of finishes to learn for each different watch.

How good is Chrono24?

Chrono24 is really no different than any classified site, other than it can potentially provide a safe platform for large transactions. It works like almost any other site, with a few exceptions.

How much did watchfinder sell for?

Watchfinder & Co. is an online retailer of second-hand watches based in Maidstone, United Kingdom. It is the UK’s largest seller of second-hand watches. By 2015, watches sold through the site totalled £155 million, and annual turnover was £68 million in financial year 2015-16….Watchfinder.

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Does Chrono24 have fake watches?

The sale of counterfeit watches is prohibited by Chrono24, though many unscrupulous sellers have been able to get around it. Even with pictures of papers and boxes, it’s possible to ship a fake watch to a buyer and con them out of their money, regardless of the payment system they use (like the Trusted Checkout).

Is Watchfinder owned by Richemont?

In June last year Johann Rupert, chairman of Richemont announced the acquisition of Watchfinder and praised its performance. “Sixteen years ago, Watchfinder’s founders foresaw the need for an online marketplace for premium pre-owned timepieces.

Who owns Watchfinder UK?

The Swiss luxury goods group Compagnie Financière Richemont SA has acquired 100 percent of the share capital of limited, pre-owned premium watch specialist, in a private transaction with its shareholders.

Is Chrono24 an authorized dealer?

We are Authorized Dealers for Hublot, Franck Muller, Ulysse Nardin, Bell & Ross, Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Montblanc, Perrelet, Zenith, Michele, Frederique Constant, Corum, Carl F.

Is Chrono24 a grey market?

Online trading platform Chrono24 has long been considered a root cause of global grey market watch sales, but the company’s CEO says the problems can all be traced back to the Swiss watchmaking industry, and his business can actually help to control the problem.

Does Chrono24 sell fake watches?

Authenticity. The sale of counterfeit watches is prohibited by Chrono24, though many unscrupulous sellers have been able to get around it.

Is the watch finders service a good experience?

Fantastic service.. professional advice. Highly recommend Watch Finders from first contact, through to viewing and purchase it’s been a great experience. My husband is very happy with his new watch.

Is there a report against

To summarise; the report against watchfinder is obviously sick & malicious rubbish against a genuine company with excellent service. Respond to this report! I am Sales Director at This complaint has absolutely no basis in truth.

When was Watchfinder and co.first founded?

Since Watchfinder & Co. was first founded in 2002, it has been established as the premier resource from which to buy and sell premium pre-owned watches.

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