Can you do a two-handed forehand?

Can you do a two-handed forehand?

The two-handed forehand is an unorthodox but not unprecedented shot in tennis. Back in the pre-Open era days, one of the best players in the world, Pancho Segura, overpowered his opposition with a two-handed forehand.

Who plays double handed forehand?

1. Monica Seles. And here is the inspiration for Marion Bartoli’s gameā€”the most recognized dual-handed forehand and two-hands-on-both-sides player in history.

Can you play tennis ambidextrous?

Ambidextrous tennis is a rarity on the professional tour, with very few examples making it to the upper echelons of the sport.

Was Monica Seles right handed?

Monica Seles/Handed

When did two-handed tennis start?

The first notable players to use a two-handed backhand were the 1930s Australians Vivian McGrath and John Bromwich. Beginning with Mike Belkin, who was the first two-handed backhand player in the United States, and Chris Evert, in the 1960s many players began to use a two-handed grip for the backhand.

Is it illegal to switch hands in tennis?

In tennis, rule #24, which covers all the scenarios in which a player loses a point, does not forbid a player from switching the hand that holds the racket.

Which is the best grip for a two handed backhand?

The most common two handed backhand grip is characterized by an Eastern forehand position for the left hand a Continental grip for the right hand (right handed players). You have to see to it that your left hand has the stronger grip and exert stronger force.

What kind of grip do you use in tennis?

This tennis grip is done by putting your left hand in a Semi-Western forehand grip while your right hand is in the Eastern backhand position. This is a common variation amongst men on the professional tour.

How to do a two handed backhand in tennis?

The two-handed backhand backswing should be smooth and compact. The backswing should be done by bringing your racket back by first turning your body sideways. The sideways turn should bring your body and feet facing to the side of the court, or in another words, parallel to the net.

What’s the best way to practice your forehand?

Of course, at first it is difficult to hit forehands with your non-dominant hand, so it is best practice to practice this shot by simply drop hitting. Toss the ball up to yourself and practice your swing and spacing to the ball. Within time you will see improvement with your non-dominant hand.

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