Who is Salsa bikes owned by?

Who is Salsa bikes owned by?

Salsa Cycles is an American bicycle brand based in Bloomington, Minnesota. The company produces touring, mountain, road, and gravel bicycles, as well as bicycle components. The Salsa Cycles brand, along with its sister brands Surly Bikes and All-City Cycles, is owned by the Bloomington-based Quality Bicycle Products.

Is the Salsa Fargo a good bike?

The Fargo isn’t as smooth on rooty singletrack as my dual-suspension mountain bike, so I’m out of the saddle over some of the bumpier stuff. But on dry dirt, it’s nice and smooth, with good traction. And on a steep (>15%) dirt climb, the gearing got me to the top without issue (other than fitness level).

Are Norco mountain bikes good?

Is Norco a good bike brand? Yes, Norco is a good bike brand. It is a highly respected bicycle manufacturer in Canada and the US as it has been successful at building bicycles for almost 60 years. Cyclists of all profiles trust and ride Norco bikes be it for recreational or professional reasons.

What kind of bike is a salsa bike?

Salsa Bicycles has off-road, touring, world touring, and gravel road cycles. Each of these bike types specializes in one or two types of road racing and isnt intended to be ridden in every plausible situation. Salsa also offers an all-road cycle.

Who is the founder of salsa mountain biking?

It has been involved in the sport of mountain biking since it first started. Today its range has options to suit all types of rider, from professional racers to weekend enthusiasts who like to get out on local trails. Salsa Bikes was founded in 1982 by Ross Shafer.

How much does a salsa rustler bike cost?

The most expensive XTR model costs $7,099, while the cheapest SX Eagle is $2,649. What all of these models share is 150mm of front and 130mm of rear travel. That makes Salsa Rustler capable of enduro and trail rides. It also allows it to shine both when going up and when going down.

What kind of fork does a salsa cycle use?

It comes with a 140mm Fox Float 34 fork and a 120mm Fox Float DPS shock. That means you can choose a more challenging line that will make your heart beat faster.

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