Who was the band leader of the Creole Jazz Band?

Who was the band leader of the Creole Jazz Band?

King Oliver
The Creole Jazz Band was made up of the cream of New Orleans Hot Jazz musicians, featuring Baby Dodds on drums, Honore Dutrey on trombone, Bill Johnson on bass, Louis Armstrong on second cornet, Johnny Dodds on clarinet, Lil Hardin-Armstrong on piano, and the band’s leader, King Oliver on cornet.

What is Creole Jazz Band?

The Creole Jazz Band is a 5 piece ensemble that recreates the unique Dixieland music of New Orleans in the first quarter of the 20th century. We bring you that joyous Early Jazz music which was influenced by the Marches, Spirituals, and Ragtime music of that era.

How did King Oliver get famous?

Became Musical Star in New Orleans Oliver became leader of the Olympia Band around 1916 and also began playing with acclaimed trombonist and band leader Kid Ory, who claimed to have given Oliver the nickname of “King” as a tribute to his musical prowess.

Why was King Oliver’s band so important to the Chicago jazz scene?

They headed to Chicago after the race tensions were exacerbated in New Orleans. King Oliver and his band drew masses of people to Chicago’s Lincoln Gardens. The bluesy sound and exciting rhythm was foreign to Chicago, and was immediately absorbed into popular culture.

Who was King Oliver’s wife?

After Storyville closed, he moved to Chicago in 1918 with his wife and step-daughter, Ruby Tuesday Oliver.

Who was in King Oliver’s band?

Figure 1. King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band in Chicago, ca. 1923. From left to right: Honore Dutrey, Baby Dodds, Joe Oliver, Louis Armstrong (kneeling), Lil Hardin, Bill Johnson, and Johnny Dodds.

When did the Creole Jazz band start?

In Pioneers of Jazz: The Story of the Creole Band, Lawrence Gushee makes a herculean attempt to chronicle the band that set out from New Orleans for California in 1914 and emerged as a highly influential ragtime ensemble in the waning years of vaudeville, with Bill Johnson as its longest-running member.

What did King Oliver do for jazz?

Savannah, Georgia, U.S. Joseph Nathan “King” Oliver (December 19, 1881 – April 10, 1938) was an American jazz cornet player and bandleader. He was particularly recognized for his playing style and his pioneering use of mutes in jazz.

Who did Joe King Oliver mentor?

Louis Armstrong
Mentor to Louis Armstrong and pioneer of what would become known as the Harmon trumpet mute, Joe “King” Oliver was a key figure in the first period of jazz history.

Who made the first jazz recording?

the Original Dixieland Jass Band
The Beatles playing Ed Sullivan this was not. And yet this was as significant a moment in US musical history. The date was 26 February 1917, and this novelty song, Livery Stable Blues by the Original Dixieland Jass Band, was the first jazz recording.

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