Is Puerto Vallarta hot in February?

Is Puerto Vallarta hot in February?

February Weather in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Daily high temperatures are around 81°F, rarely falling below 77°F or exceeding 84°F. Daily low temperatures are around 62°F, rarely falling below 57°F or exceeding 67°F.

Does it rain in Puerto Vallarta in February?

The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Puerto Vallarta in February is 16.3°C (61.34°F). February is a dry month with an average of 5mm (0.2in) rain. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 29.0°C (84.2°F).

Is the weather nice in Mexico in February?

February is one of the dryest months in Mexico, with hot weather and pleasant water temperatures. The weather continues to be similar to December and January with high humidity and almost no rain. Daily temperatures are around 80 °F throughout the Pacific Coast and the Yucatán Peninsula in the south.

Can you swim in Puerto Vallarta in February?

Do you want to swim in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico?…Best time to swim in Puerto Vallarta: the water temperature by month.

Month Feb.
Averagesea temperature 75°F (min: 71°F/max: 81°F)
Our opinion pleasant swimming
Details Sea temperature in Puerto Vallarta in february

What are the warmest months in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

The Average Temperature in Puerto Vallarta You’ll experience the hottest temperatures from June through October, when the daily highs are usually above 88F. The hottest day of the year is typically August 2nd, which has an average high of 90F.

Is Puerto Vallarta better than Cancun?

Overall, Cancun has a far greater selection of hotels. Cancun takes the edge over most places when it comes to hotels. But Puerto Vallarta has a more authentic Mexican feel – Cancun is very Americanised. So, go for Cancun if you favour big resorts and Puerto Vallarta if you favour boutique hotels.

Can you swim in the ocean in Mexico in February?

In february in Mexico swimming conditions vary by city. Swimming in february in Guaymas and Loreto is possible but the sea is generally cool. So though the sea temperature may sometimes reach 68°F, it can also go as low as 58°F. Note that the average is 63°F.

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