What is half as much of 50?

What is half as much of 50?

Answer: Half of 50 is 25.

What does half as much again mean in math?

used for saying that an amount​/​a number is 50% greater than another amount​/​number.

What is the meaning of half as long again?

half again as long = 50% longer. For example, if the rectangle is 10 centimeters wide, it is 15 centimeters long.

What does half as good as you mean?

to be much less good/bad/exciting, etc than something else: Her new book’s not half as good as the last one. (Definition of not half as good/bad/exciting, etc from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary © Cambridge University Press).

What is half as many as 30?

Whenever you want to find out half of a number, you have to divide by 2. When solving this problem, 30 divided by 2 equals 15.

What does half as long mean?

half the length of time
Half as long = half the length of time.

What is the meaning of half as long?

(of a speech sound) of intermediate length; neither short nor fully long.

What does half as bad means?

not half as good/bad/much etc as phrase. DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that someone or something is good, especially when they are better than you expected them to be. It’s one of the cheapest printers around, and it isn’t half bad. Synonyms and related words.

Do half as well meaning?

More than half means many and less than half means some. And then the phrase “half as well” is “not as much” or “less than”. Both statements are expressions of regret because he is leaving and he is “immensely fond” of them.

What is half of $70?

The half of 70 is 35.

How do you say twice less?

One way would be to multiply a number by the extra number of instances then add or subtract the product to/from the number… Twice more = a + (1×a), twice less = a – (1×a), 126 times less = a – (125xa). A better solution would be to speak proper English.

What does half as much / many again as mean?

Definition of half as much/many again as. British. —used to say that the size or amount of one thing is 50 percent more than anotherIf 100 people were expected and 150 came, half as many people came again as were expected.This dress costs half as much again as that one.

What does it mean to have half as many apples?

Half as many means that you have one half less of something. For example: “Jack has 10 apples and Peter has half as many as Jack.” So Peter has 5 apples. But “Half as many again” is not the same.

What does the phrase half as tall as a tree mean?

—used to say that the size, amount, or quality of one thing is half or nearly half that of another The bush is half as tall as the tree. This dress costs half as much as that one. If 100 people were expected and 50 came, only half as many people came as were expected.

Is there such a thing as five in a half?

There is no such thing as “five in a half”. You probably mean “five and a half”. Since each quart is two pints, the answer becomes obvious when you get the words right. how many minutes are in 2 halves?

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