Who are the girls in Geordie Shore?

Who are the girls in Geordie Shore?

Abbie Holborn, Amelia Lily, Ant Kennedy, Bethan Kershaw, Chloe Ferry, James Tindale, Louis Shaw, and Nathan Henry are all making return. Marty McKenna, who last appeared in series 15, is also set to go back to the Geordie Shore house, and this time he is ready for a relationship.

Who was in Geordie Shore the longest?

Holly Hagan It may have taken a while for cast members to warm up to her, but Holly quickly became a fan favourite. One of the show’s longest-serving cast members, the Thornaby-on-Tees woman had romances with James Tindale, Scott Timlin and Kyle Christie before leaving the show in 2016.

Who was in Geordie Shore Season 14?

Zahida Allen, Chelsea Barber, Sam Bentham, Sarah Goodhart, Abbie Holborn, Elettra Lamborghini, Billy Phillips and Eve Shannon all appeared throughout the series hoping to become permanent members of the cast, and in the series finale, Holborn was chosen.

Why did Sophie and Vicky leave Season 7?

The seventh series of Geordie Shore, a British television programme based in Newcastle upon Tyne, was announced on 5 July 2013 after cast members Holly Hagan and Vicky Pattison had been arrested for assault on a night out during filming. Following Vicky’s arrest, she was absent from the final half of the series.

Who is Geordie Shore Season 21?

Ahead of the series it was confirmed that three new cast members had joined the show, Ant Kennedy, Louis Shaw, and former The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Amelia Lily. These replace former cast Sam Gowland and Tahlia Chung. During the series Nat Phillips made her final appearance.

Who is Geordie Shore Season 17?

Six new cast members joined the series, including Grant Molloy, Adam Guthrie and four Australians, Alex MacPherson, Nick Murdoch, Dee Nguyen, and Chrysten Zenoni. Zenoni had previously appeared in the fifth series of Ex on the Beach.

How old is Marnie from Geordie Shore?

29 years (January 17, 1992)
Marnie Simpson/Age

Who will be on Geordie Shore 2021?

Some of the popular names from the 22nd season cast as Amelia Lily, Chloe Ferry, and Marty McKenna. Besides them, the cast also includes Abbie Holborn, Ryan Taylor, Anthony Kennedy, Roxy, Robyn Mukoyi, Bethan Kershaw, Niko Kaim, Charlie Wheeler, Louis Shaw, India-Jane Wilkinson, Nathan Henry, and James Tindale.

Is Marty back in Geordie Shore?

Marty McKenna returns to Geordie Shore to shock ex Chloe Ferry after being ‘sacked’ by MTV bosses. Marty McKenna has made a shock return to Geordie Shore, with friends of Chloe Ferry predicting she’ll be gobsmacked by the arrival of her ex.

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