Who manufactures crane siding?

Who manufactures crane siding?

Craneboard is owned by Exterior Portfolio, which offers a number of insulated, traditional, trim, soffit and vinyl siding shingle products. Craneboard is a foam backed vinyl cladding that many consumers assume is fiber cement.

Is it better to have light or dark siding?

Darker vinyl siding tends not to last as long as lighter colored siding. Darker colors retain more of the sun’s heat energy. That means darker siding is subject to greater temperature variations, which can make it break down sooner.

What color siding fades the least?

What Color Vinyl Siding Fades The Least Amount? The lighter the color, the less you’ll notice fading on your vinyl siding. White will certainly fade the least, while dark browns and dark reds begin to fade more quickly and noticeably.

What color is wheat siding?

A soft, muted shade, Prairie Wheat is a creamy-yellow color. This color reminds us of a pat of butter delicately melting on our pancakes, pale straw blowing in the wind and the glow of sun rising.

What is Crane board made of?

Thanks to the inbuilt TXL Lamination Technology, the bond between the materials used to construct the CraneBoard® can be up to 200% stronger than any other conventional, vinyl-based siding. CraneBoard® is made out of a 50-mil thick molded material, which gives it unparalleled impact and weather resistance.

Is CraneBoard vinyl?

It is a vinyl material that presents the look and texture of real wood, but without the hassle of maintaining it and worrying about paint chipping. The best vinyl siding installers in Chesterfield, MO recommend CraneBoard because of its many benefits.

What color siding hides the most dirt?

An added benefit of darker brown-colored siding is that darker colors tend to hide dirt more than do lighter shades.

Is Black siding a bad idea?

Something as simple as the wrong color choice for the outside of your house could lead to major repairs. And the darker the color you use, “the chalking, fading, and discoloring will be much more noticeable than with a white paint or a light gray,” he explains.

Is Cedar Creek good siding?

High-grade vinyl compounds and UV inhibitors mean outstanding resistance to the elements. Cedar Creek Classic’s 1/2″ profile depth offers excellent rigidity and attractive shadow lines. Our VaporVent™ weep hole system helps channel condensed water vapor away from the siding.

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