What is a branchial?

What is a branchial?

A branchial cleft cyst is a type of birth defect in which a lump develops on one or both sides of your child’s neck or below the collarbone. This type of birth defect is also known as a branchial cleft remnant.

Is branchial cleft same as pharyngeal cleft?

At the fourth week of embryonic life, the development of 4 branchial (or pharyngeal) clefts results in 5 ridges known as the branchial (or pharyngeal) arches, which contribute to the formation of various structures of the head, the neck, and the thorax.

What is branchial sinus?

When there is an opening in the skin it is called a branchial cleft sinus. They can arise from remnants of the first, second, or third branchial arches. Most of the branchial cysts are of 2nd cleft origin and occur in the neck on the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the carotid triangle.

What are branchial clefts?

A branchial cleft abnormality is a cluster of abnormally formed tissue in the neck. A branchial cleft abnormality is a birth defect. It happens when the area does not form as it should during the early stages of an embryo’s development. Branchial cleft abnormalities are diagnosed by a physical exam.

What is Branchial fistula?

Branchial cleft fistulae are rare congenital abnormalities that arise from the abnormal persistence of branchial apparatus remnants. A complete fistula is a tract that has an internal opening and an external opening.

What is First branchial arch?

The first branchial arch (Meckel’s) cartilage is the position of the future mandible, as well as the eventual malleus and incus. The second branchial arch cartilage produces the stapes, the styloid process, the stylohyoid ligament, and the superior portion of the body of the hyoid.

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