What is the newest dorm at Baylor?

What is the newest dorm at Baylor?

East Village Residential
Baylor University’s newest dorm addition, the East Village Residential Community. The 701-bed facility features some apartment-style rooms the univeristy hopes will entice more upperclassmen to live on campus.

How many dorms are at Baylor University?

11 residence halls
There are 11 residence halls on campus, split into single, double, triple rooms and apartments so there is plenty of choice depending on what you’re looking for.

Do Baylor dorms have a curfew?

No curfew! No rules! Going to college and moving into a dorm room at Baylor provides you with the opportunity to be free and live independently. If you want to wake up at noon every day and eat ice cream for all of your meals, no one is going to stop you.

How much does it cost to live on campus in the dorms at Baylor?

The on-campus housing cost for a typical student was $7,150 in 2020, and the price of a standard meal plan was $5,842….Baylor Housing and Meal Plan Costs.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $13,274 $12,318
— Housing $7,150
— Meals $5,842
Other Living Expenses $3,276 $3,902

Do you have to live in a dorm freshman year at Baylor?

Yes. All first-year students at Baylor University are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the exemption requirements. Please submit the Application for Residency Exemption to the Campus Living & Learning office.

What should I bring to Baylor dorm?


  1. Bed Sheets // Most beds are standard length, but some are extra long.
  2. Mattress Pad and Comforter.
  3. Pillows and Pillow Cases.
  4. Towels, Hand Towels and Washcloths.
  5. Bathroom Supplies // (soap, shampoo, etc.)
  6. Cleaning Supplies // if your room has a sink or if you will be living in a suite or apartment.

Is Baylor a good college?

Baylor is a great school! There are tons of activities to help the students get involved-both Christian organizations and clubs for each major. Also, Baylor has a great thing called All Univeristy Sing. This is when each fraternity and sorority create a 7 minute broadway type show that is peeformed as a competition against everyone else.

What is it like to attend Baylor University?

Baylor is a wonderful place to experience a simultaneous caring and academically challenging environment. The students are engaged, and the university leadership genuinely cares about them, world outreach and improving learning experiences for all.

Do universities have dorms?

Most four year colleges in the USA will have dorms so that the students are not invading the local residential areas and driving up the cost of rental units. However, not all colleges will guarantee an on-campus room for all four years.

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