Is Hilde dead?

Is Hilde dead?

General Hemlock and Hilde seen on the news broadcast. Hilde hides the flash drive in between her breasts. Hilde and Nick, face to face. Hilde dies after falling from the building.

How do you beat the biker boss in Dead Rising 3?

It’s time to take out some bikers. You need to defeat 10 of the bikers to complete this mini-boss fight. There are several guns on the ground, as well as Molotov cocktails. If you’re using the guns, you can use precise aim with LT, or just face the general direction of the bikers and fire the gun to aim at them.

Who voices Nick Ramos?

Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence (b. January 12, 1988) is an American actor who provides the voice and motion-capture performance of mechanic Nick Ramos in Dead Rising 3.

Who played Annie in Dead Rising 3?

Shelby Young is the voice of Annie in Dead Rising 3.

When do you defeat Hilde in Dead Rising 3?

Defeat Hilde, the Sergeant is the twelfth story mission during Chapter 3 in Dead Rising 3 . Once Nick chases Hilde to the top floor of the police station, he will need to defeat her in order to advance. She serves as the final boss for this chapter.

Who is Sergeant schmittendorf in Dead Rising 3?

Sergeant Hilde Schmittendorf is a major antagonist and a psychopath in Dead Rising 3. She is the end boss of Chapter 3. Hilde works for General Hemlock as his chief of security and was sent to clean up Los Perdidos under his orders. She is first seen during a television broadcast with Hemlock, although she is not encountered until Chapter 3.

What kind of gun does Hilde have in Dead Rising?

Hilde is armed with a rocket launcher and two Sgt. Pistols. While climbing the stairs to the third level of the police station, she will shoot rockets at Nick/Dick periodically. She will also shoot him with the rocket launcher during the boss battle, but not frequently.

Who is the female psychopath in Dead Rising 2?

Hilde is the second female psychopath to sexually harass the protagonist, rather than survivors or minor characters. The first is Bibi Love from Dead Rising 2. She’s the first and only antagonist to kill someone by breaking their neck, she’s also the first to dual wield guns.

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