What state is Idar Oberstein Germany?

What state is Idar Oberstein Germany?


What is Idar Oberstein famous for?

Idar-Oberstein is a placid village in the Hunsrueck region known for its natural gemstone deposits, spit roast dinners, great hiking trails – and for being Bruce Willis’s birthplace.

What crystals can you find in Germany?

Germany Gemstones & Minerals

  • Agate Chalcedony: Agate Chalcedony differs from other Chalcedony in that it often has distinct banding.
  • Datolite: Datolite is a semi rare silicate mineral of the gadolinite group.

Where can I dig for crystals in Europe?


  • The journey through a fascinating world full of splendor and preciousness begins in the only gem mine in Europe that is open for inspection, the gem mines in the Steinkaulenberg in Idar-Oberstein.
  • The visitor tunnels are illuminated by spotlights.

Where is the town of Idar Oberstein located?

Idar-Oberstein is a town in the Birkenfeld district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. As a Große kreisangehörige Stadt (large town belonging to a district), it assumes some of the responsibilities that for smaller municipalities in the district are assumed by the district administration.

When did Idar Oberstein become part of Birkenfeld?

Idar, Oberstein, Tiefenstein, Algenrodt, Enzweiler, Georg-Weierbach, Göttschied, Enzweiler and Regulshausen became on 16 April 1817 part of the newly created Principality of Birkenfeld.

How tall is Idar Oberstein airfield in Germany?

Idar-Oberstein/Göttschied Airfield lies north of the town between the constituent community of Göttschied and the municipalities of Gerach and Hintertiefenbach at an elevation of 480 m above sea level (1,575 feet).

What kind of meat is used in Idar Oberstein?

Spießbraten is rooted fast among Idar-Oberstein’s and the surrounding region’s culinary and cultural customs. When making the more often consumed Idarer Spießbraten, the meat – originally prime rib, today often also roast beef or pork neck – is laid the day before cooking in raw onions, salt and pepper.

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