Who are the manufacturers of the Geely cars?

Who are the manufacturers of the Geely cars?

Geely Car Models List. Geely or legally known as Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd is an automobile manufacturing company based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. They particularly design and produce passenger cars for the Volvo and Geely brands and cars used for the London Taxi brand as well.

How many factories are there in Geely Holding Group?

Geely International Corporation represents the interests of Geely Holding Group on the foreign markets. Manufacturing facilities of Geely Holding Group are represented by 18 factories, 9 from which are located on the foreign markets.

Is the Geely LC a safe car to drive?

The Geely LC may just be the perfect ride for first-time motorists. It’s affordable, stylish, and really easy to drive! This Geely LC review will focus on what makes this car a vehicle that sparks joy. A Chinese creation, the Geely LC is actually considered as the safest car manufactured in the country! Rest assured, you’re safe in this vehicle!

What kind of car is the Geely Panda?

The Geely Panda is a car designed and manufactured by Geely, a Chinese automaker. It is the first Chinese car to ever receive a 5-star rating due to its score of 45.3 in the C-NCAP crash test, making it the safest car in China in 2011.

How much does a Geely all wheel drive cost?

The price of the all-wheel drive crossover in the new version is 2,019,990 rubles. At the end of July 2021, Geely Automobile Group sold 99,275 vehicles on the world market, including the products of the LYNK & CO brand, which is 50% owned by the holding.

When did Geely Car Company go public in Hong Kong?

A subsidiary of the group, Geely Auto, had its IPO on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2004. The company had a booth at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show, and a 2006 showing at the Detroit auto show. Geely approached Ford in mid-2008 about a possible takeover of Volvo Cars.

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