What is the real name of Mahabharata?

What is the real name of Mahabharata?

The Mahabharata in its original version was called Jaya Samhita, and it was written down by Ganesha and narrated by Maharishi Ved Vyasa. The original epic had only 8800 shlokas and was called Jaya. Then it was called Vijaya, then Bharata and finally Mahabharata.

Who is the most popular character in Mahabharata?

The most important characters of Mahabharata can be said to include: Krishna; the Pandavas — Yudhishthira, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, along with their wife Draupadi; and the Kauravas (who were a hundred brothers), led by the eldest brother, Duryodhana.

How many characters are in Mahabharata?

The 14 Mahabharata Characters in Your Office.

Who will win Arjuna or Karna?

He said, `Karna is going to kill Arjuna today but only flaw in his plan is, there is no charioteer in the world like Krishna. You are the only one who can equal or even excel the prowess of Krishna. Karna is sure to kill Arjuna, if only you could be kind enough to be his charioteer.

What is the real name of Arjun in New Mahabharat?

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh (born as Shaheer Nawaz Sheikh on 26 March 1984) is an Indian actor and model. He is best known for playing the role of Anant Bajpai in Navya..Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal, the warrior prince Arjuna in Mahabharat, Dev Dixit in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and Abir Rajvansh in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke .

Who are the characters in Mahabharat TV serial?

Mahabharat TV Serial All Characters Real Names With Photographs Real Name Role Name Saurabh Raj Jain Shri Krishna / Lord Vishnu Shaheer Sheikh Arjuna Pooja Sharma Draupadi Aham Sharma Karna

How old is the actor who plays Shakuni in Mahabharat?

This 34 year old model and actor’s portrayal of Shakuni became one of the highlights of the series. In real life, Praneet is a mechanical engineer turned actor. He also has worked in the multi-national company Wipro for a while.

Who is the real name of Vrishali in Mahabharat?

Vrishali real name is Nazea Hasan Sayed Ashwatthama real name is Ankit Mohan Kunti real name is Shafaq Naaz Bhishma real name is Arav Chowdhary

Is the TV series Mahabharat based on a true story?

This TV series is based on ancient Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’. It was one of the most popular TV series in India on Star Plus. In this article, we have provided all characters real names/original names with their photographs. So, let’s see and enjoy!

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