What is OC Genie II mode?

What is OC Genie II mode?

Overclock like a true tweaker, at the touch of a button OC Genie (now OC Genie II on newer boards) is a fixture on certain MSI motherboards. It is a simple and automatic way to overclock your PC’s central processor, RAM, and certain GPUs. MSI claims that this tech allows you to improve performance in just one second.

What is a XMP mode?

Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) allows users to easily overclock XPG memory by modifying settings in the BIOS, by that achieving. even better performance than factory defaults without complex and often risky changes to memory voltages or frequencies.

Is XMP same as overclocking?

The official further confirmed, “XMP is classified as overclocking, so memory overclocking would fall under that same umbrella.” That’s been Intel’s official policy for years, actually, but adding locked CPUs opens up a broader swath of would-be overclockers to the risky business.

Where is the OC Genie button?

OC Genie is easily located at the bottom of the motherboard. The simplest way to activate OC Genie is to use the hardware button. If your MSI motherboard is compatible with the system, then you will see a circular button labelled ‘OC Genie’ directly on the board.

What is the difference between XMP 1 and 2 MSI?

XMP 1 is the same as XMP on last gen in that it changes the 4 main timings, clock speed and voltage. The motherboard basically handles the rest. XMP 2 changes the above and a whole tonne of other RAM settings (on my system at least) and in my case it made my system very unstable. Games kept crashing and stuttering.

Does XMP make a big difference?

XMP tweaks voltage, timings, and everything else that the manufacturer sees as the best settings for their RAM. Your system’s BIOS should be able to read it and configure your RAM to run at the XMP rated speeds. Some RAM gets to higher speeds with manual tweaking and some doesn’t.

How do I find the MSI command center?

Download and install MSI® COMMAND CENTER APP to your mobile device. Enable COMMAND CENTER Remote Server on the Mobile Control panel. Enable SoftAP Management. Enter SSID and Password, and then click the Apply button.

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