What is mass participation factor?

What is mass participation factor?

“The effective mass participation factor represents the percentage of the system mass that participates in a particular mode. It provides a measure of the energy contained within each resonant mode. A mode with a large EMPF is usually a significant contributor to the dynamic response of a system.”

What is modal mass participation ratio?

In general, the value of modal participating mass ratio (MPMR) for each vibration mode represents the participation of each mode in the structural responses. when a structure equipped with TMD, a vibration mode is added to the others.

What is effective mass in vibration?

The effective mass offers a physical interpretation of a physical system with multiple modes of vibration being excited dynamically from a base, similar to testing that occurs for many systems. The concept was proposed in the early 70’s by Bamford[1] with others.

What is mass participation?

A sporting event in which many people participate. Often, participants are spread out over several miles in variable terrain. Injury rates in mass participation events increase with increased distance and environmental temperature.

What is a participation factor?

Participation factors are nondimensional scalars that measure the interaction between the modes and the state variables of a linear system. Since their introduction by Verghese, Pérez-Arriaga and Schweppe, participation factors have been used for analysis, order reduction and controller design in a variety of fields.

What is a modal participation factor?

The modal participation factor is a measure of how strongly a given mode contributes to the response of the structure when subjected to force/displacement excitation in a specific direction. In this case, the load amplifies the mode and large displacements can result.

What is mass participation in Web?

Mass Participation- diverse information sharing through universal web access. Web 2.0’s content is based on people from various cultures.

What are the main characteristics of a mass participation event?

Mass participation events are positive, friendly and inspire participants to keep up fitness commitments long after the event has passed. Perfect for more inexperienced participants, mass participation events are inclusive rather than competitive.

What is participation factor in modal analysis?

The modal participation factor is a measure of how strongly a given mode contributes to the response of the structure when subjected to force/displacement excitation in a specific direction.

What are mass participation activity events?

Mass participation physical activity events have been used to increase positive health behaviour among participants [8] . These are large-scale physical activity events organised for the public aiming to attract scores of people.

What is mass sport?

In sports administration “high performance sport”, where the emphasis is on winning prestigious competitions, is distinguished from “mass sport” or “recreational sport”, where the emphasis is on attracting the maximum number of participants.

Which is alter for MSC / Nastran modal analysis solution 103?

An alter for MSC/NASTRAN modal analysis solution 103, which was written by Ted Rose (MacNeal Schwendler Corp.), exists which will perform this task and has been used to output these fractions for a typical payload, the ARC Standard Interface Glovebox (SIGB).

How is xyplot used in MSC / Nastran stress analysis?

The standard MSC/NASTRAN XYPLOT output capability can be used to obtain grid rms accelerations and/or element rms stresses in each orthogonal direction. If a typical grid point is selected in the payload FEM model for study, the XYPLOT output can be used to obtain the rms acceleration response.

When to use MSC / Nastran for RMS analysis?

Alternatively, an existing capability in MSC/NASTRAN may be used to output exact root mean square [rms] stresses due to the random loads for any specified elements in the Finite Element Model.

Which is part of the payload modal mass participates?

Participation Factors Sometimes only a portion of the payload modal mass participates at the vibration frequencies that may found to be of structural importance.

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