Is Yahiko related to Naruto?

Is Yahiko related to Naruto?


Is Nagato and Yahiko brothers?

This is actually Nagato’s deceased friend Yahiko (弥彦), one of six animated corpses collectively known as “The Six Paths of Pain” that are controlled by Nagato and use one sixth of his full power.

Are Yahiko and Konan related?

Konan and Yahiko were orphans together during the Second Shinobi World War. Left alone in the world, they, along with Nagato, were forced to steal food from others to survive. Yahiko believed that knowing ninjutsu would make them strong and independent, so they all set search for the Sannin.

Is Naruto Pain’s brother?

4 He Was Related To Naruto He is a member of the Uzumaki clan. This means that, at least in some capacity, he is related to Naruto. This gives Pain the incredible chakra that propels his powers and his Rinnegan.

Who is Konan’s lover?

Yahiko was Konan’s love interest in Naruto.

Why did Akatsuki create Yahiko?

Akatsuki (暁; ; Literally meaning “Dawn” or “Daybreak”; ) was initially an organisation created by Yahiko and his two comrades Konan and Nagato in an effort to fight against the tyranny and oppression that their home village Amegakure was facing during the Third Great Shinobi War, and the long-term goal of world peace.

Does Konan like Nagato?

Konan was the only one who called Nagato by his real name while they were members in the Akatsuki. Konan was extremely faithful to Nagato, even willing to kill her former mentor on his command.

Who gave Nagato eyes?

Nagato got the Rinnegan from Madara, who implanted the eyes into him. Madara intended to take the Rinnegan back after becoming reanimated in the future. Nagato was chosen to get Madara’s eyes because his clan (Uzumaki) was a distant branch of the Senju clan.

Are there any Naruto games with Yahiko in them?

Yahiko is a playable character in the following video games: While not directly playable, Yahiko appears as an alternate costume for Pain in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution and Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

Who are the shinobi from Amegakure in Naruto?

(Error Code: 224003) Do you like this video? Yahiko ( 弥彦, Yahiko) was a shinobi from Amegakure. Alongside his fellow war orphans, Nagato and Konan, he founded and led the Akatsuki in an attempt to bring peace.

Who are the main characters in Akatsuki Naruto?

Akatsuki was originally founded by Yahiko during the Third Shinobi World War, alongside his childhood friends Nagato and Konan.

Where are Nagato and Yahiko’s bodies now?

Following Deva Path’s defeat and Nagato’s death, Konan took both of their bodies back to Amegakure and created a shrine for them, placing their bodies on a bed of paper flowers. It was later desecrated by Tobi who stole Nagato’s body. Yahiko’s corpse is currently the only one that is lying in repose there.

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