How do I install Autotools?

How do I install Autotools?

To install GNU build system, also known as Autotools, you need to install autoconf and automake packages:

  1. $ sudo dnf install autoconf automake. Autotools usage.
  2. $ autoreconf –install.
  3. $ ./configure.
  4. $ make.
  5. $ man automake.
  6. $ info automake.

How do I download autoconf?

Downloading Autoconf GNU Autoconf releases can be found on [via http] and [via FTP]. It can also be found on one of our FTP mirrors. Please use a mirror if possible. Third party macros can be downloaded from the Autoconf Macro Archive.

How install autoconf in Kali Linux?

apt-get install autoconf Run ./configure . Run make to build the project. Run make check to verify the building stage. Run make install to install ike-scan .

What is Autoconf used for?

GNU Autoconf is a tool for producing configure scripts for building, installing, and packaging software on computer systems where a Bourne shell is available. Autoconf is agnostic about the programming languages used, but it is often used for projects using C, C++, Fortran, Fortran 77, Erlang, or Objective-C.

What do aftermarket headers do for an exhaust system?

Aftermarket headers will help optimize the proficiency of the exhaust system. Less restrictive than the original manufacturer’s exhaust manifold, aftermarket headers have individual exhaust tubes for each cylinder that have smooth bends to help increase air flow.

What do performance headers do at Pep Boys?

Performance headers help optimize the proficiency of the exhaust system. At Pep Boys, we know vehicle upgrades. Last year, our certified professionals installed \\ (LY#s\\) performance exhaust systems. Aftermarket headers will help optimize the proficiency of the exhaust system.

Which is better long or short tube headers?

Long tube headers show the greatest performance gains at the high RPM range. Short tube or “shorty” headers usually merge tubes closer to the header flange. This allows the header to fit better in the engine bay as opposed to running all the long tubes under the vehicle.

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