What temperature do you apply Waterlox to?

What temperature do you apply Waterlox to?

During application of Waterlox wet-applied finishes (ORIGINAL, H2OLOX®, URETHANE or MARINE), the product, project surface and environment should be close in temperature and at least 50°F during application and at least 1-2 hours afterward. When both the product and surface are cold, they are less compatible.

Do you wipe off Waterlox?

Clean up. Wipe the surface clean with a clean lint free cloth, very lightly dampened with mineral spirits. If you are going to leave your project as finished at this point, it is best to start with an extra coat because you are going to remove some extra material.

Can I apply Waterlox with a rag?

Apply thin coats with a rag until the finish is even.

How long does it take Waterlox to cure?

24 hours
Allow each and every coat to dry for 24 hours. Dry time will depend upon ventilation, humidity and temperature. CURING Even though the recommended dry time is 24 hours, Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes completely cure in 30 – 90 days.

How long does it take for Waterlox to cure?

How long does Waterlox take to fully cure?

30 – 90 days

What’s the best way to apply waterlox sealer?

Apply Waterlox ORIGINAL Sealer/Finish liberally with the grain at the recommended spread rate. Allow to dry for 24 hours. For soft woods (e.g.: Douglas fir, white pine, yellow pine, cedar, etc.) Repeat steps 1-3 and apply a second coat of ORIGINAL Sealer/Finish, or if using H2OLOX® products for your final finish coat (s).

How to apply waterlox original sealer or Utos?

Apply Waterlox ORIGINAL Sealer/Finish, UTOS, MARINE Sealer or TRUETONE® Color-Infused Tung Oil following proper application and drying directions. Apply two (2) coats of Waterlox ORIGINAL Finish at the chosen gloss level with 24 hours between coats. Pour out the amount of product needed for the first coat.

When did the first waterlox sealer come out?

Waterlox ORIGINAL Sealer/Finish has been a popular wood finish for over 100 years. The formulation has been in existence since the founding of the Empire Varnish Co. (now Waterlox Coatings) in 1910 in Cleveland, OH.

How to apply first coat of waterlox original finish?

Apply first coat of Waterlox ORIGINAL Finish with the grain and at the recommended spread rate. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Sanding between coats is not required for adhesion but may be done for aesthetics. Lightly sand the surface with a synthetic abrasive pad (medium/maroon recommended).

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