Is Invar a alloy?

Is Invar a alloy?

Invar, alloy of iron that expands very little when heated; it contains 64 percent iron and 36 percent nickel. The trademark name was selected by the alloy’s inventor, the Swiss physicist Charles-Édouard Guillaume, to express the invariability of its dimensions when heat is applied.

Who makes Invar?

Columbia Metals – a leading supplier of Alloy 36 (Invar*)

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How strong is Invar?

Invar – Nickel Iron Alloy

Property Minimum Value (S.I.) Units (Imp.)
Tensile Strength 445 ksi
Young’s Modulus 137 106 psi
Glass Temperature °F
Latent Heat of Fusion 270 BTU/lb

Who are the suppliers of Invar rods and plates?

Eagle Alloys supplies Invar® and Super Invar® rods, coils, sheets and plates in various sizes and thicknesses to suit a wide array of applications. Invar® alloy is also available in a second variation know as Free-Cut (FC) Invar 36® or Free-Machining (FM) (UNS K93050 per ASTM-F-1684).

Why are invar and Super Invar alloys important?

Invar and super invar® are iron-nickel alloys that are known and named for their resistance to thermal expansion. This steady, resistant shape in all temperatures makes them an ideal material for delicate measuring instruments, clocks, watches, communication devices and other sensitive machines.

Who is the world’s largest supplier of invar steel?

Invar 36®, Alloy 36, FeNi36, 64FeNi, Invar Steel, Invar FM, Invar Free Cutting, Pernifer 36®, NILO 36® Super Invar®, 32-5 Eagle Alloys Corporation (EAC) is a leading global supplier of nickel iron low expansion alloys including Invar® and Super Invar® in foil, strip, sheet, plate, wire, rod, bar, forged blocks and blanks.

What kind of iron is in an invar bar?

Larger sizes made to order up to 12″ Dia. Quick lead times and no minimum order quantity. Invar® is made up of 64% iron and 36% nickel. Invar is known for its excellent properties of controlled coefficient of thermal expansion.

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