What is the poem the fear about?

What is the poem the fear about?

Mistral’s poem “Fear” expresses a mother’s anxiety that someone or something will take her daughter away, making her into something beyond her mother’s child. The speaker worries that if her daughter were made into a swallow, she would no longer “fly into my straw bed” or allow the mother to “comb her hair.”

What is the main theme in Robert Frost’s the soldier?

In Frost’s poem, the soldier’s death is rather an opportunity for the poet’s characteristic reflections on life’s limits and freedoms, on boundaries, on the relationship between our place on earth and our aspiration to something else.

What does Emily Dickinson’s epitaph say?

The epitaph on her headstone was the same as the text of the note she had sent to her cousins Norcross: “Called Back.” After Dickinson was buried, Lavinia and Sue burned Dickinson’s letters, as she had asked. It was the repository of Dickinson’s life’s work–all of her poetry.

What was the poet’s childhood fear?

Answer: The poet’s childhood fear was that she would lose her mother to the cruel hands of death and would thus be separated from her forever. So she feared this separation from her mother.

What figure of speech is the poem Storm Fear author?

A personification involves giving a non-human, inanimate object the qualities of a person. Robert Frost did that in his poem “Storm Fear.”

What figure of speech is downy flake?

“Downy flake” is a figure of speech. The flakes of snow falling are not literally made of down or soft bird feathers. They are made of frozen water. But by likening them to down, the narrator is trying to convey a sense of the dreamy beauty of the scene.

What does telling it slant mean?

To “tell it slant” here essentially means to put a spin on the truth, to approach it from an angle of sorts rather than head on. Broadening this idea, the speaker insists that success when it comes to sharing the truth can be found in “Circuit,” a word that indicates a kind of circular journey.

What were Emily Dickinson’s last words?

60. Emily Dickinson. The poet’s last words were, “I must go in, for the fog is rising.”

What was the tragedy of Robert Frost’s life?

But what few people know is that Frost’s life was marred by personal tragedy— outliving four of his children as well as having his parents die young. His father died when he was 11 of tuberculosis his mother died of cancer. In 1920, he had to commit his younger sister, Jeanie, into a mental hospital. Nine years later, she passed away.

What was the name of Robert Frost’s sister?

In 1920, he had to commit his younger sister, Jeanie, into a mental hospital. Nine years later, she passed away. Both Robert Frost and his mother suffered from depression, and depression would run in the family. In 1947, his daughter, Irma was committed to a mental hospital. Elinor, Robert Frost’s wife, suffered from depression as well.

Why was Robert Frost not an easy parent?

Robert Frost was not an easy parent to please. After all, he was the most famous poet in America. Carol tried to be a poet, too, and found that he could never live up to his father’s fame and success by any stretch. Robert Frost tried to validate Carol’s attempts as a farmer, but also in his poetry.

How many children did Robert Frost and Elinor Frost have?

Elinor, Robert Frost’s wife, suffered from depression as well. Frost and his wife had six children. Their first son, Elliot died of cholera at four years old. Another son, Carol, died in 1940 after he died by suicide. Another daughter, Marjorie, died at 29 after childbirth.

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