What does an MC 307 carry?

What does an MC 307 carry?

MC-307/DOT 407 tankers are a usually a horseshoe shape when viewed from the rear. They carry vegetable oils, syrups, and milk and they also carry solvents, lubricants, mild corrosives, etc. The horseshoe shape tanks are insulated the shape you see is the thin aluminum insulation shell cover.

What is an MC 312?

MC-312 (DOT-412) Corrosives Cargo Tank. • Pressure—5 to 25 psiExterior strengthening (stiffener) rings often visible. • Lined tank—usually lined with rubber or plastic. • Round cross section.

What is the MC 306?

Motor Carrier (MC)-306/ 406 transport tanker trailers, better known as gasoline tankers, are the most common types of large-capacity, hazardous materials transport trucks on the road. Although MC-306/406 tankers are used to transport products from sewage to poisons, they usually transport gasoline and diesel fuel.

What is cargo tank?

Cargo tank means a bulk packaging that: (1) Is a tank intended primarily for the carriage of liquids or gases and includes appurtenances, reinforcements, fittings, and closures (for the definition of a tank, see 49 CFR 178.320, 178.337-1, or 178.338-1, as applicable);

What is a 406 trailer?

DOT 406 – Maximum operating pressure of up to 4 psi. Oval or egg-shaped cross-section. Flat or nearly flat ends. Aluminum – primary material of construction. Usually multi-compartmented.

What is a DOT 412 tank?

Corrosive Cargo Tank. DOT 412 – Pressure -5 to 25 psi Exterior strengthening (stiffer) rings often visible. Lined tank – usually lined with rubber or plastic. Round cross-section. Stainless steel is primary material of construction.

What is LNG truck?

Heavy-duty liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles work much like gasoline-powered vehicles with a spark-ignited internal combustion engine. The natural gas is super-cooled and cryogenically stored in liquid form, usually in a tank on the side of the truck.

Is a cargo tank permanently attached?

It is permanently attached to or forms a part of a motor vehicle.

What is the capacity of a MC 307 tank trailer?

MC 307 and DOT 407 are tank trailer models used for the transport and storage of low-pressure bulk liquid cargo such as milk, water, vegetable oils, mild solvents or lubricants. These trailers have an average maximum capacity of 7,000 gallons and are constructed to withstand 40 psi at 70ºF.

What are the specs of a MC 307 dot 407?

MC 307- DOT 407 Specifications: 1 Straight Round 2 5,000 – 8,000 gallons 3 MAWP of 30 PSI 4 Max Loading Temp. of 300 deg. F 5 Insulated 6 Rear Discharge 7 Steam Heat Capable

What kind of trailer is the dot 407?

The DOT 407 tank trailer unit is a durable stainless-steel tank trailer designed to move general chemicals and related products efficiently, economically, and safely.

What kind of tank is in mc312 tank trailer?

The MC312 and DOT412 tank trailers are manufactured with stainless or carbon steel tanks and may or may not be lined. The equipment includes a round cross-section with reinforced strengtheners and often visible stiffener rings in order to withstand 5 to 25 psi.

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