What does the Quickiebomb Launcher do?

What does the Quickiebomb Launcher do?

The Quickiebomb Launcher is a community-created secondary weapon for the Demoman. It is a black, sleek stickybomb launcher with a wooden foregrip and stock, and a belt wrapped around the drum-shaped magazine. This allows you to set up more powerful stickybomb traps by charging up each bomb.

How much damage does a sticky do tf2?

The max stickybombs out is 8, and when another is launched, the oldest stickybomb will detonate automatically, and act like a normal stickybomb. Stickybombs deal about 120 damage individually and are affected by splash damage falloff, and deal a bare minimum of 60 damage to 138 damage but the base damage is 120.

How do you get Scottish resistance in tf2?

The Scottish Resistance is automatically given to any player who obtains 17 Demoman achievements….Bugs

  1. The Scottish Resistance cannot be used to destroy stickybombs from the Sticky Jumper.
  2. Stickybombs that automatically detonate after a fifteenth bomb is launched will not destroy enemy Stickybombs.

How much damage does a crit sticky bomb do?

Note that stickybomb explosions can be used to juggle targets or throw them into environmental hazards. The Demoman can also use Stickybombs to propel himself into the air….Damage and function times.

[hide]Damage and function times
Base damage 100% 120
Maximum fall-off 50% 60
Critical 180 cm: 180 90 cm: 261 Under: 355

What is Demoknight tf2?

The Demoknight is a type of Demoman who always goes for melee. They don’t go well with Sentries, because they aren’t even speedy enough to dodge the Sentries’ bullets, unless they have the shields as their secondary.

Is the sticky jumper good?

The Sticky Jumper is a secondary weapon for the Demoman. However, stickybombs fired from the Sticky Jumper are not only harmless to the user, but to enemy players as well, making it completely ineffective as an actual weapon.

Is Scottish resistance good?

The Scottish Resistance makes an excellent defensive weapon for covering multiple entrances. Offensively, it doesn’t have the same capability, unless you’re also supported by an offensive engineer or the like. Also, use it as an early-warning system by placing your stickies in plain view.

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