Is Wendy Crewson still married?

Is Wendy Crewson still married?

She married actor Michael Murphy in 1988, and they have two children. They divorced in January 2009. Crewson came out publicly as lesbian in December 2014, and revealed to the press that she had come out to her family years earlier. She resides in Rosedale, Toronto.

How old is Wendy Crewson?

65 years (May 9, 1956)
Wendy Crewson/Age

Was Wendy Crewson in revenge?

‘Revenge’ adds ‘Air Force One’ star Wendy Crewson The Canadian actress will play a business associate of Conrad on the ABC drama. Revenge has cast Wendy Crewson in its upcoming second season. The Air Force One actress will play a business mogul named Helen who interacts with Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny).

Where was Wendy Crewson born?

Hamilton, Canada
Wendy Crewson/Place of birth

How tall is Wendy Crewson?

5′ 9″
Wendy Crewson/Height

Who played the First Lady in Air Force One?

Wendy Crewson
Grace Marshall is the First Lady of the United States in the film Air Force One….

Grace Marshall
Played by: Wendy Crewson
Films: Air Force One

Who plays Helen in revenge?

Recurring cast

Actor Character Season
Wendy Crewson Helen Crowley Recurring
E.J. Bonilla Marco Romero Recurring
Michael Trucco Nate Ryan Recurring

Who plays Helen on revenge?

What was the name of Wendy Crewson’s character on 24?

She played leading roles in a number of television films, include playing Joanne Kilbourn in six movies based on novels by Gail Bowen. She had recurring roles on American television series 24 and Revenge, and the Canadian television series Frankie Drake Mysteries.

What are the latest movies with Wendy Crewson?

Sort by Year – Latest Movies and TV Shows With Wendy Crewson. 1 1. Superman and Lois (2021– ) TV-14 | 42 min | Action, Adventure, Drama. 2 2. Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017–2021) 3 3. Departure (2019–2021) 4 4. Departure (2019–2021) 5 5. Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017–2021)

Who is Wendy Crewson in the TV show Slasher?

She also appeared in the second season of ABC’s primetime soap opera Revenge (2012–13). In 2016, Crewson had a main role in the television series Slasher. In 2017, Crewson began appearances in some episodes of the CBC drama Frankie Drake Mysteries, playing the lead character’s mother and assisting her in investigations.

Where did Wendy Crewson grow up in Canada?

Wendy Crewson was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She attended Westwood Collegiate and was first exposed to acting when she performed in The Boy Friend in grade 10. See full bio ». May 9, 1956 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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