Who has the most powerful spear in WWE?

Who has the most powerful spear in WWE?

#1 Goldberg ‘Spear’ known as one of the most devastating moves in all sports entertainment may have belonged to other competitors also, but the real ‘Spear King’ in the history of professional wrestling is one man i.e., William Scott Goldberg popularly known as Goldberg in pro- wrestling platform.

Did Roman Reigns ever lose?

What Roman Reigns has done is so incredible, that in a period of almost two years, he has lost only 10 matches. On episode number 1358 of Monday Night Raw, Reigns teamed up with his cousins Jey and Jimmy Uso to take on Drew McIntyre and The Revival.

How many matches does Roman Reigns have lost?

Roman Reigns

Promotion Win % Loss %
FCW 53 (65.43%) 26 (32.10%)
NXT 14 (93.33%) 1 (6.67%)
WWE 677 (68.73%) 274 (27.82%)
TOTAL 744 (68.83%) 301 (27.84%)


Years after competing with rivals, WWE has emerged as the biggest company in the sports entertainment industry. Most of the credit for their global popularity goes to the Superstars on the roster….#1 Roman Reigns.

Ranking Superstar
#1 Roman Reigns
#2 Drew McIntyre
#3 Randy Orton
#4 Daniel Bryan

Who is the master of spear in WWE?

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns has already established himself as the master of the ‘Spear’ in the modern era. Let us take a look at other WWE wrestlers who’ve used ‘Spear’ as their finisher.

Is the spear painful?

The spear is a classic finisher that’s a welcome addition to any wrestler’s arsenal. As dramatic as it may look, the spear is surprisingly easy to learn. You just need to make sure you go about it in the right way so the attack looks real and no one gets hurt.

Does a RKO hurt?

RKO – RANDY ORTON Honestly, the RKO doesn’t strike me as hurting that much (compared to the Stone Cold Stunner, which could concuss you with the chin-on-shoulder contact), but there’s some legal stipulation somewhere that no writer can pen a WWE finishers piece without including one of these.

Who has beat Roman Reigns clean?

Brock Lesnar has defeated Roman Reigns quite a few times in his quest for the Universal title, but the biggest blow came during the WrestleMania main-event this year. Nobody predicted a win for Lesnar, but The Beast came out on top to retain his title against Reigns.

Has John Cena defeated Roman Reigns?

Reigns and Cena have battled each other multiple times. Their most memorable match together was at WWE No Mercy 2017. John Cena lost to Roman Reigns in a clean match. This was a classic ‘Passing the Torch’ scene as Cena was the former face of the company, and Reigns was positioned as the top face at that time.

Who all have defeated Roman Reigns?

Is Roman Reigns a twin?

WWE Star Roman Reigns Is a “Papa Bear” of Five Alongside His Wife, Galina Becker. He and his wife, Galina Becker, welcomed their first daughter, Joelle, in 2008. Their twin boys were born in 2016. They announced that they were expecting their second set of twins in April 2020.

Does Roman Reigns have kids?

Roman Reigns and Galina Becker have three kids: A daughter named Joella “JoJo Anoa’i and twin sons. While there’s not much public information available about the couple’s sons, they often share pics of their daughter.

Is Roman Reigns dating anyone?

Roman Reigns is currently married to Galina Becker . The couple started dating in 2021 and have been together for around . The American Wrestler was born in Pensacola, Florida, USA on May 25, 1985. Samoan-American wrestler who made his WWE debut in 2012 as a member of The Shield. His birth name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i.

Why was Roman Reigns arrested?

Reigns, who had grown up in Pensacola had been arrested for disorderly conduct, intoxication, affray, unlawful assembly , and riot . This incident happened in June 2010 and had been under the wraps…

Why was Roman Reigns suspended?

WWE’s top superstar Roman Reigns is suspended for violating company’s drug policy: Former champion and cousin of The Rock apologizes to his family, friends and fans as he admits ‘mistake’. Reigns is suspended for 30 days for a first violation, WWE said on Tuesday.

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