Can you still buy WoW trading cards?

Can you still buy WoW trading cards?

On August 23, 2013, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the TCG would be discontinued, and that they would not be renewing the game’s license. In March 2014, Blizzard released Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, an online collectible card game featuring many of the same characters, abilities and artwork.

Are any WoW TCG cards worth anything?

Most of the old WoW cards don’t have significant value. If you have some of the hard-to-find promo cards, like Kael’thas, Deathwing (human form), or Sindragosa, then those are worth something. There are some treasure cards that are valuable, although nothing from the first few raids.

Which World of Warcraft cards are valuable?

Highly prized cards include Spectral Tiger, Wooly White Rhino, Blazing Hippogryph, Ethereal Plunderer, and El Pollo Grande, which depicts a seriously stern-looking chicken. Game play is fairly similar to other trading-card games. In the case of WoW TCG, you play as one of two factions: the Horde or the Alliance.

What is a loot card in WoW?

Loot cards are rare versions of the World of Warcraft trading card game (TCG) cards which also contain a scratch-off code. These loot codes are entered into the World of Warcraft promotion website to redeem unique in-game items, such as a pets, mounts, tabards, and many other items.

Is WoW TCG dead?

And this week, finally, the resounding answer is – no! The WoW TCG section of the website has the summary, as Blizzard has come out with an official statement that reaffirms their committment to continue supporting and producing the TCG after they take back the property from UDE.

Do WoW TCG codes still work?

Once the online code has been used and Landro has given your character the item, both the revealed promotion code and in-game code can no longer be used. You will need to find another loot card if you want another item.

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