Are schoolies wristbands free?

Are schoolies wristbands free?

Please note that Safer Schoolies wristbands on the Gold Coast are free, however, issuing authorities in other locations may charge for access to Schoolies activities and events.

Can u go to schoolies if u dropped out?

YES! allow you to book your Schoolies with us as long as it is your graduating year even if you have dropped out. You can attend any events too.

How much money should I take to schoolies?

For trips like that, everything is already covered before you get there, however if you’re booking a basic trip with just accommodation, then allow at least $20 a day for food and drinks. The average amount of spending money that schoolies take is $40 to $70 per day.

How much money should you take to schoolies?

How much money should I bring to schoolies?

What should I eat at schoolies?

Cherie’s Top 5 Food Tips for Schoolies are:

  • Get a theme night going ( bolognaise) then challenge neighbouring units to a cook-off, creating an instant buffet for everyone.
  • Eggs, baked beans, canned tuna/salmon, cheese, yoghurt and milk are easy protein choices on the run.

What is a schoolies passport?

All customers that book through will receive a FREE Photo ID. You will need a Photo ID to access your accommodation. This Schoolies Photo ID will become your passport to the best parties and beach festivals as well as a heap of discounts and special offers during Schoolies.

What is the purpose of a schoolies wristband?

The purpose of the wristband is to prove you are a genuine Year 12 school leaver, which gives you access to government run safer schoolies initiatives and support services such as the Schoolies Hub on the Gold Coast and Schoolies Central in Airlie Beach.

Is it safe to stay in Surfers Paradise during schoolies?

Every year the Queensland Government activates the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response to enhance the safety of school leavers staying and partying in Surfers Paradise in the first week of Schoolies.

Do you have to have a schoolies wristband to get into a hotel?

The Schoolies wristband will only get you access to government-run events. For access to your hotel, parties and beach festivals you will need a Schoolies Photo ID.

When did start booking for holidays?

I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some reassurance and introduce Established in 1989, has been the central booking site for schoolies week for over 30 years. We arrange schoolies holidays for over 30,000 schoolies annually.

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