What does knack mean in slang?

What does knack mean in slang?

a clever or adroit way of doing something. a trick or ruse.

What is this word Dome?

A dome is a large hemispherical roof, like those seen on many capitol buildings. In Italian, duomo is the word for church or cathedral; it comes from the Latin domus, “house.” Many Italian cathedrals feature prominent domes, and eventually the word dome became synonymous with that particular architectural feature.

What does knack knack mean?

1 : a natural ability : talent She has a knack for making friends. 2 : a clever or skillful way of doing something : trick Skating is easy once you get the knack.

What does I avoid the limelight mean?

public attention and interest
noun [ U ] /ˈlɑɪmˌlɑɪt/ public attention and interest: He always tried to avoid the limelight.

How do you use the word knack?

Knack sentence example

  1. I have a knack for spotting traitors.
  2. She’s also got a knack for weapons.
  3. Her cousin can Travel and has a knack for weapons she’s hiding from Jessi.
  4. He was also a favorite with Darian’s advisors and court, with a knack for connecting with everyone, even the servants.

What does it mean to give someone dome?

(informal) A person’s head. (slang) head, oral sex quotations ▼ Synonyms: see Thesaurus:oral sex.

Is dome a body part?

Slang. The uppermost part of the body: head, noddle, pate, poll.

How do you use knack in a sentence?

What does it mean to have a knack for something?

Knack(n.) A readiness in performance; aptness at doing a specific task; skill; aptitude; facility; dexterity; — often used with for; as, a knack for playing the guitar.

What does it mean to have a knack for remembering faces?

noun [ S ] uk ​ /næk/ us ​ /næk/. › a skill or an ability to do something easily and well: a knack for remembering faces. She has the knack of making people feel comfortable.

What does the knack for word learning mean?

It is only natural that a homogeneous people crowded onto four smallish islands should value the ability to avoid confrontation – the knack, one might say, of getting along with everybody. Children now have a knack for word learning; and learn five, ten, or even twenty new words a day.

What is the meaning of Partington’s book knack?

Partington here displays his knack of covering a lot of ground in a succinct and easy-to-follow manner, something which is characteristic of the whole book. So these were people with the knack. Sachs was a journalist before earning his doctorate, and his knack for telling a story survived graduate school wholly intact.


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