What is the difference between Dewalt 735 and 735x?

What is the difference between Dewalt 735 and 735x?

What you should know though is that the Dewalt DW735 and the Dewalt DW735X are basically the same thickness planer. The only difference between the DW735X and the DW735 is that the DW735X comes with infield and outfeed tables for the planer, and an extra set of planer knives for the cutterhead.

How much is a Shelix?

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This item Byrd Tool Shelix cutterhead for Dewalt planer DW735 DEWALT Planer Blades for DW734 (DW7342)
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Is the Dewalt DW735 worth it?

After running 3 projects worth of lumber through this planer, we’re impressed. The DeWalt DW735 is a perfect upgrade from the lower powered benchtop planer, and very effectively bridges the gap to professional shop machinery.

What is the difference between the Dewalt 734 and 735?

Many of the features of the 734 are available in the 735. They have the same motor, but the 735 has the added performance of two-speeds. This does allow you to achieve a finer finish with the higher cuts per minute if desired. Keep in mind, though, the 734 produces a clean and precise plane with only one speed.

What is a Shelix head?

A SHELIX HEAD IN YOUR MACHINE COMBINES THE ADVANTAGES OF: SHEAR & HELIX AND SPIRAL TOOTH ACTION. 1. SPIRALLED STAGGER TOOTH to break up chips for dust collection systems and to reduce horsepower requirements. 2.

How much does a DeWalt 735 planer weigh?

92 pounds
But that was to be expected. Most benchtop planers have some heft to them, however, the DW735 weighs in at 92 pounds.

Are thickness planers worth the money?

If you really want to get into woodworking, a thickness planer is worth the cost. Once you have it, you’ll never regret the expenditure, because you’ll be in control of your stock thickness like never before. A fellow member might be willing to thickness-plane some stock for you for little or nothing.

Where is Dewalt 735x made?

13IN PLANER W/EXTRA KNIVES AND TABLES, Made in: Taiwan, Dimensions: 21.75 X 24.25 X 22. Weight: 102 The DEWALT DW735X 13-Inch, Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer has a powerful 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM motor (10,000 RPM cutterhead speed) that handles larger cuts in wider materials with ease.

Which is better spiral or helical cutterhead?

I know helical is better, but it seems spiral offers many of the same advantages: better cut on figured woods, faster and easier blade changes. But the helical design is a lot more expensive.

Why was the dw735 cutterhead reduced in size?

PLEASE NOTE: The reduced size DW735 cutterhead was created because to install a helical cutterhead in the 735, all the carbide insert knives have to be removed to slip it through the bearing housing.

Is it easy to cut DeWalt 735 blades?

The typical Dewalt 735 blades chip so easy, it’s hard to keep spending $100 + on a set and shuffling them to get a smooth cut. At least the thickness is never an issue. The installation was easy and straight forward.

Is the Byrd shelix cutter head the same size as the factory head?

This version of the Byrd Shelix cutterhead for the DeWalt DW-735 planer is machined to match the OEM diameter of the factory head. Due to the extra diameter and limitatins in the hole size in the machine, the inserts will have to be removed from the head and installed after it goes in the machine.

Are there DeWalt planer blades for the dw735?

It’s pretty much a universally accepted belief that DeWalt planer blades for the DW735 are awful after the first few board feet of lumber pass under them. When brand new, they produce beautiful surfaces, but it doesn’t last for long.

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