What does Hobblebush look like?

What does Hobblebush look like?

A 6-12 ft., open, straggling shrub, often with pendulous outer branches which root where they touch the ground. Flat-topped clusters of white flowers have a lacy effect similar to some hydrangeas and contrast well with the medium green foliage. Berries change from red to blue. The fall foliage is usually bright red.

Can you eat Hobblebush berries?

The fruit of the Hobblebush reportedly may be eaten raw or cooked and is said to taste somewhat like raisins or dates. Hobblebush has a number of medicinal uses. The Algonquin reportedly rubbed its mashed leaves on the head to treat migraines. Iroquois are said to-have used a decoction of roots as a blood medicine.

What is Hobblebush used for?

Hobblebush produces heavy crops of berries, which are used by ruffed grouse, pine grosbeak, Swainson’s thrush, and other fruit-eating birds.

Where are Hobblebush native to?

Hobblebush is a native viburnum shrub that grows south to zone 6 with an open, sometimes straggly habit. The pendulous stems that touch the ground develop roots that can trip or hobble a walker- hence the common name. It is found in the mountains of NC.

What does Nannyberry taste like?

What is this? Both have dry, sweet pulpy fruit, but nannyberries have a prune/banana type flavor, while wild raisins taste more or less exactly like raisins.

Can humans eat nannyberry?

Nannyberry Look-Alikes Most the nannyberry look alikes are also edible viburnum species, which are also edible and delicious. None the less, as with any wild edible, be confident in your ID before you eat them.

How do you eat Nannyberries?

Nannyberries have a fleshy, pastey (in a good way) taste–they’re not something you’re going to make into jelly. Just like highbush cranberries, you’ll need to separate the flat seeds before eating, and the best way to do that is to combine them with water, cook, and pass through a food mill while hot.

What do Nannyberries taste like?

One forager describes the taste of the nannyberry as “hints of banana, prunes, raisins and even a slight “holiday spice,” all with a distinctive and unique Nannyberry flavor.” The same forager also points out that the berry is ripe when it looks overripe, wrinkling like a raisin.

Do Nannyberries taste good?

Nannyberries have a fleshy, pastey (in a good way) taste–they’re not something you’re going to make into jelly. It’s just sweet enough to be interesting, which I think makes the nannyberries taste more like themselves.

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